-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 4

Lift up your hands to Heaven and worship the King of all kings from the depth of your heart, exalt him no one is like him forever he is on the throne; he is worthy to be glorified and to be honoured. He is worthy to be exalted no one can be compared to you, we worship and adore you, we give you praise and glory, we bless your name mighty God. We exalt your majesty. We give you praise in Jesus most wonderful name.

Father on this fourth day, let your resurrection power that brought Lazarus out be in display, bless your people all over the globe, we vow to give you all the glory.

Jesus said come unto me all ye that labour and heavy and I will, he didn’t say I may, he said I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28. I don’t care the problem you came with to this Glory night, in this Glory Reign, whatever is a concern in your life God will turn it and you will enter into your rest. He said come, he has answers to everyone’s question. Hebrews 11:8. Everyone whose heart is open all over the globe, I command this is the last day you will go through that stress. Psalm 34:19. Whatever is that problem you will be delivered from it in the name of Jesus. This is the last day that problem will remain in your life in the name of Jesus. Give him a big hand and then you may be seated.

Welcome your neighbour with a handshake and tell them I celebrate you.


SUB TOPIC: The Purpose of Kingdom wealth.
There is no impossibility with God, Mark 9:23, 10:27, Luke 28:27, is there any situation in your life that men as said is impossible, God will turn it around right now. Anything men have said is impossible, as I am speaking now God is turning it around. I don’t care how long they have told you that the problem is closed, it will be turned around in the name of Jesus.

We started on Monday and it has been awesome in God’s presence, glory to God, Tuesday was explosive and yesterday was something else and today will be greater, then the grand finale tomorrow. ChurchGist. Tomorrow is “Anointing to Reign”, you have to reign, you have stayed in front of TV watching others by this time next year they will be watching you. Anointing to reign, the time for the Church. Write it anywhere, the time for sinners to be in leadership is over, the Church has come. You will reign in the name of Jesus.

What is Glory?

Glory is the complete expression of God’s nature.

What is Reign?

Reign simply means to be the head.

What is Glory Reign?

Glory Reign simply means processing the full expression of God’s nature so as to rule over the affairs of life. To eternal be the head is a function of God’s glory upon your life. From today you will never take second place.

What is Purpose?

Purpose is the original intent for the creation of a thing, it is the original reason for the existence of a thing.

What is Kingdom?

A Kingdom is the governing influence of a King over his territory, it means a King who has a domain. ChurchGist. God wants his value, lifestyle and righteousness to reflect on his citizens.

What is wealth?

Wealth simply means abundance of valuable possession, resources and plenty of money.

What is the Purpose of Kingdom wealth?

This simply means the original reason for God’s abundance placed under your custody. Hear this people of God, it is understanding the genuine reason why God lavishes his resources upon you that matters. The Kingdom of God has no poverty, it is hard to crack this truth. There is no poverty in the Kingdom of God, there has to be a change in your thinking, your new Kingdom requires a total paradigm shift. We are heavenly citizens here on the earth and the Kingdom of heaven has everything that all the citizens need.

Listen, can an American ambassador be poor in Nigeria, no matter the problem. Are you a heavenly citizen? Then you are not permitted to be poor on the earth, get that right in your brain, if you’re poor is an abuse to redemption, all we need to do is to pursue the Kingdom and its righteousness and not the things of life. The Kingdom of God can be likened to a tree with fruits, the world system goes after the fruit but God is saying get the tree and you will never lack fruit. ChurchGist. The Kingdom of God is the source and all these things are the resources.

We spend so much time chasing after resources instead of the source which is God. Matthew 6:33. Money is an addition, you don’t pray for a charger when you buy a new phone, it is an accessory, I have not prayed for money from 1997 till date, it is not a prayer point. ChurchGist. Money is like a charger, go for the phone. Proverbs 10:22. The blessing of the Lord not the Oil company where you work, the blessing is what makes you rich not where you work, not who you know. Any blessed man will be prosperous no matter where he is. From this day may you follow the right things.

Matthew 6:25-33. Listen, your prayer request is full of money requests, that expectation from everything you wrote is what money can buy. I want to buy a house; I want to buy a car and Jesus said take no thought. It is a paradox; does it mean he does not know you need it? He said don’t put your mind there. Since you have been worrying yourself and thinking, have you changed your situation? There is a better thing to do. Since you have been bothering yourself and running after stuffs, have it changed your situation?

Since you have been bothering yourself, killing yourself running after everything has it changed the situation? People who don’t have Christ seek after these things, those who don’t know God that is what they pursue oh o want car I want house I want clothes I want money he said I know you need them but don’t pursue those things hear me, you have been pursuing them and you’ve not gotten them, sit down and hear me, he said seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and what the world is pursuing will be added unto you. ChurchGist. God is a man that he should lie anything he says in this book you believe it, it will happen, he said seek ye first the kingdom of God and then money will run after you, you know we are trying to look for money the way the world look for money, it doesn’t work like that in this kingdom say I hear, the pursuit of things is a distrust and dishonour to God Almighty because God can’t lie, he said seek ye first and then watch if he will not lavish you with money.

Heaven is wealthy, the streets of Heaven are paved with gold if you don’t want to be rich, then don’t go to Heaven, if you don’t want to be wealthy then don’t go to what? Because the Heaven you are going to is not paved with stones, it is not paved with grass, it is paved with gold, anybody who says I hate poverty you are saying I don’t like wealthiness you are saying I don’t want to go to Heaven because Heaven is super wealthy, then what are the children of God poor? That is where I am going, go and read your bible, Revelation 21:18, it says the street of Heaven are paved gold, now listen carefully people of God if a Country is a colony of another it will have a reflection of the original Country, true or false? Nigeria for instance is a colony of Britain. You can see a reflection that our Forefathers never wore suits. it’s the British man’s culture. Am I talking to you? We have a reflection of Britain, the English you speak is from where? Because is a colony we reflect Britain everywhere even our education is after Britain pattern true? The Glory of Heaven is wealth, that is the colony which you and I should be a reflection out of the kingdom. ChurchGist. God wants his Heavenly kingdom to be reflective on the earth.

The purpose of God was to have earth as his colony, wealth in the kingdom is the property of God, is what? So, we are given the wealth to accomplish his purpose on Earth. ChurchGist. Our God is not poor, then why are some of his children poor? That is where I am going. If Heaven is rich then I must find out what it is that I need to do to tap into Heaven’s resources. Is that clear?

You know they have what they call passcode we may all have tablet but our passcode is different I can give you my tablet and you won’t be able to open it, another person can give you and you won’t open it till he gives you his passcode you must know the right passcode to access Heavens resources, now hear me people of God, hear me I know you have been going to where they have been praying for you hear me I am an authority in this field in Matthew 16:19. ChurchGist. I will give you keys of this kingdom not key but keys so prayer is only a key I hear people sing prayer is the key, prayer is the key is a wrong song foolish song, stupid song, prayer is not the master key, prayer is only one of the keys, the master key is the Word of God all those religious song you were singing when you were an SU stop them, they are not correct Jesus never started with prayer, never read your Bible Jesus started with the word and ended with the word those are religious stupid songs, so we should get to Heaven before we will be rich we should die here, and he exclaimed those things are religious nonsense full of ignorance, when we get to Heaven so what do we do here? as it is in Heaven so be it on earth.

So, if Heaven is rich then his children should be rich, but the problem is that we don’t have the right access code so we are using the wrong key, he said I give unto you the keys of Heaven so there are keys to everything in the kingdom of God and look at Matthew 11 where he gave the descriptions see some of the keys here, let me read 4-6 you will get something very shocking, look at the keys he is telling us look at the keys, See what does a blind man need? So, for the blind do I need money for the blind people in the healing school to get healed? The lame people who came for healing school what did they need? To walk, the lepers are what? What do deaf people want? To hear. What do the dead need? To be raised.

He said for a poor man you need to hear the Gospel, this is where the church misses it, he says for a poor man the passcode is that you must hear you don’t pray for poor people. ChurchGist. He says poor man you want to go out of poverty? Jesus speaking, he says you must hear the Gospel otherwise poverty will never leave you do deliverance from now till tomorrow you will never be delivered, see what verse 6 says, you know why? When it comes to prosperity people get angry, Jesus said it is a topic you get angry with, so if you are not offended then be blessed.

So, they think when they come for Glory Reign it is money I wants to talk about, you are already in this category you can never get blessed my friend sit down and hear meso that Good can bless you, God does not need your money, you need his money do calm down, tell your neighbour cool down, now listen people of God every nation has its laws, legal principles under which it operates in Nigeria of you drive on the left Police will arrest you, we have right hand drive. ChurchGist. In Britain it is a left-hand drive in America it is right hand drive in South Africa it is left hand drive each Government has a pattern true? In America the woman is first before the man. In Korea its man before the woman if you go to Korea and shake the wife before the husband you are in trouble. Orient is the man lady and gentlemen it is gentlemen and lady; you must know that every environment has its own protocol is that clear? Okay Heaven is not an exemption
So, Fasting and prayers cannot open the door of prosperity. That is where I am going. Fasting and prayers can never open the door of prosperity. Are you hearing me Church people, it answers to the applied truth of God’s Word. Isaiah 48:17. You must be taught to profit; you can’t prosper unless you are taught. Deuteronomy 28:1. Hear me, God will bless you so much, even those who hate you can’t deny it, your mind has to accept this truth, otherwise you will never come out of poverty.

The wealth in the Kingdom is the property of the King. When God created men in Genesis 1:26-28. God gave man dominion; he gave everything to Adam. ChurchGist. God made the earth and the garden and gave it to man to manage but when Adam mismanaged it, God took it back from him. If Adam was the owner why will God take it back, that means you’re not the owner of what is in your hand. He only made Adam a manager. We think we own the wealth in our hand. That is where we miss it. It is anti- scriptural, anti-covenant and ungodly to ever think that you’re the owner of the money in your hand.

The day you do that poverty has started, that was a man in the Bible called the rich fool. Jesus said call no man a fool but he called this particular man a fool. Luke 12:15-22. This man was rich and one day he came to himself and never taught of God. He was selfish and was always using the word I, this was the same mindset Lucifer had. God said tonight I will take it to make you know that you’re not the owner. He died that night; you will not die. He killed him that night, God said you claimed you are the honour, now you will know that I am the owner. Have you not heard in 2nd Corinthians 3:5. So who ones whatever it is that you have? God. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, including you he owns you. Never let it get to your mind that you own anything. ChurchGist. The Bible says God is the King of the earth.

Psalm 47:7. Say with me: my God is the owner. That was why when Israel was coming out of Egypt. Deuteronomy 7 and 8, God told them to remember that I am the one that gave you the power to get wealth. ChurchGist. Don’t forget that, you didn’t get your result now by yourselves because you were slaves, now you’re coming out of Egypt. I am the one that empowered you to have the wealth you have now. If you forget that you will be in trouble. Say with me I own nothing but God. Please, get this understanding right, that is where the foundation is. Any dime and anything God gives you is to accomplish his purpose on the earth, when any money gets to you, the first question you should ask yourself; what is it for? Don’t say that this is my money then you have missed it. No sir, no ma, it is not your money it is God’s money, who owns you? But when it comes to money, you own it. Thank you.

We are accountable to God and we must know how to use it for his purpose. If the purpose is not known abuse is inevitable, that is why I said the purpose of Kingdom wealth.

I am going to tell you the story of a man called King Solomon, King Solomon was the wealthiest man in the Bible, history made it known that there was nobody as wealthy as Solomon. But you will be shocked, Solomon did not know the purpose of wealth. He knew the access to Kingdom wealth but did not know the purpose of Kingdom wealth. 1st Kings 3:3-4,13. Be ready to hear this teaching, it will be my longest teaching since this program started, because this is the only way through which you can come out of poverty. ChurchGist. If a doctor prescribes a Medicine for you and you are there shouting that you don’t believe in a doctor and then you go to a chemist for help, you are ready to die because a quack will kill you. Pastor is a quack, Jesus is the physician, Jesus said if you want to come out of poverty hear the Word of God. If you say you don’t believe in it and you want to go to a pastor, it is like you’re going to a quack.

Only Solomon sacrificed and burned incense in high places and again he sacrificed one thousand burnt offerings, this man gave. He was lavishly blessed because he gave. His giving opened heavens of wealth but he knew how to access the gate of heavens for wealth but he did not know the purpose of wealth. 1st Kings 8:63. 22,000 oxen sacrificed by one man; he always knows what to do. As at that time the amount of cattle you have determines the level of your wealth. This man carried that to give to God and God was greatly marvelled. ChurchGist. His wealth was unfathomable, Solomon understood giving but did not understand the purpose. He knew how to give.

When the Bible says give and it shall be given unto you, for what purpose should it be given to you, if you give now. We have preached giving to a point that we have missed the purpose. Kingdom wealth is for a purpose, people have preached giving and they miss out the purpose of giving, yes you give and you prosper but it does not end there.

Solomon gave lavishly and Solomon was so rich. 1st Kings 11:3, when the wealth came, he had 1000 women am sure Solomon did not know them, when one of the Women is called, Solomon will ask what is your serial number. ChurchGist. He had 1000 women because he had no understanding of the purpose. We need to understand the purpose of Kingdom wealth so as to make the most of it.

1st Chronicles 22:7-10. Before he was born prophecy had gone that he will be rich. Solomon did not fight like his father. So, when Solomon built the first house, he would have asked God, what do you want me to do again? He would have said Lord I have finished this one what is next? That was the question Solomon did not ask God. ChurchGist. Solomon built one temple for God but built 1000 shrines. 1st Kings 11:7-9. He was building shrine for everybody, high places are temple of idols, wealth can destroy if the purpose is not known.

So, you must know the purpose why God should bless you otherwise when the money comes you will forget who gave you, instead of building Churches you will be building night clubs, you will open bars upon bars. Through prosperity shall my Kingdom birth abroad Zechariah 1:17. So the primary purpose of prosperity is to spread his Kingdom. ChurchGist. That is the reason. Matthew 24:14. So we must preach the gospel to every nook and cranny of the world. Job 36:11, Revelations 5:9,12. The gospel should reach anywhere where Human Beings are. This is the purpose of Kingdom wealth, 1st Timothy 6:17-19. If you didn’t sleep when I was prophesying yesterday and you sleep now just now that poverty is your brother.

Yesterday when I was prophesying you were screaming amen. Ok, those prophecies if you don’t have this Word, it is still not complete. So, don’t sleep.

The purpose is for his Kingdom first. The Church people are struggling too much, the poverty rate is very high. ChurchGist. What must we do to control the economy? Before now, Church people were the richest, from Abraham to the time of John D Rockefeller. You can’t challenge Church people when it comes to wealth. But all of a sudden, all these stupid teaching began to come into the Church where people no longer put the Kingdom of God first and the funny people that the world teach is against tithing, all these teaching began to enter into the Church and then sinners began to rule I am teaching that tomorrow. Anywhere you see sinners ruling over the Church people then something is missing.

That is why I said anointing to reign where sinners cannot be ruling over believers, mantle must change hands. It is time for the Church all over the world to take over, that is why we are rounding off with anointing to reign. So, I try to reign, in my little way I am reigning, there is no where I go to where anybody can challenge the authority of God. The entire city if Port Harcourt is at a standstill, Jesus reigns here, you can drive from one end to another with no traffic, that is how Church should be, when we are in charge everybody subdues to Jesus. ChurchGist. If you own a shop your shop should cause traffic. That is what Jesus is talking about. So, if God is so rich in Heaven then why are people so poor? I am going to tell you how to connect with Kingdom wealth.


1) Renew your mind.

Jesus said take no thought. Matthew 6:25. This means your mind must change from the way you used to think to the way God wants you to think Romans 12:2. Don’t follow the worldly principle, renew your mind with the Word of God. First and foremost, your mind has to align with the truth. ChurchGist. Think Kingdom that is what the Word is saying.

An unrenewed mind is dangerous, stop thinking poor and expect to be rich. Proverbs 23:7. You are not poor because you don’t have money, you’re poor because of how you think and talk. Do you know that poverty is a mindset? Poverty is not a state of having money or not. Poverty is a mindset. Why do they call Nigeria a poor nation? Our leaders go to America and beg, that is what poor people do. They say you know you have to help the third world and they look at you and say poor people. One day I looked at the Kenya president and I loved him. When Obama was in Power, he said that all presidents are president in his Nation, you can’t tell me what to do in Kenya. ChurchGist. I was so happy with his mindset. The former president of Kenya said you are the president of your nation, don’t tell me what to do here, this is my own country.

Poverty is a mindset, that is why militants are poor, with all the money they give them they are still poor because of the mindset they have. ChurchGist. Your mind sets the pace for your destiny. Poor people talk about money, rich people talk about events, the wealthy talk about ideas. You will never see a wealthy person talking about money. All wealthy people when they sit to talk, they are talking about ideas. What do we do next? How do we do it? When you want to know if they are poor, their conversation will be like. When I have money! That is the first sign that you have not left poverty. Poor people talk about money, if you’re talking about money know that you’re a poor person. Stop talking about money and renew your mind.

2) Discover Purpose

Matthew 6:26. Why did Jesus use fowls of the air? Birds of the air, all they do is fly, birds don’t behave like other animals, you will never see a bird who wants to take the place of other animals, what he does is to fly. But every one of us wants to be like somebody else. ChurchGist. Because we don’t know our purpose on earth. Please, discover where you belong and stay there, that is where your wealth will come from. Birds don’t try to walk, they Just fly.

The problem with many people is that they want to be like someone else, be at the center of your strength. I am going to show you three Christian businessmen as an example. You know how powerful a purpose is. If you wake up on a Monday morning and you don’t feel like going to work, you’re in the wrong place. What you’re doing cannot bring you satisfaction. You prosper when you are at the center of God’s purpose for your life.

1) David Green: He is an American businessman and the founder of Hobby Lobby, which is a Christian based company that focuses on the retailing of art and craft products, making them one of the biggest retailers in America. ChurchGist. He bought a Christian university that was almost trying to collapse.

2) Samuel Truett Carthy: He was an American businessman. He founded an American food restaurant called Chick-fil-A in 1946 and he is credited as the inventor of the chicken sandwich. Due to his strong religious belief. ChurchGist. All of the company locations whether company owned or franchise are closed on Sundays to allow his employees attend Church and spend time with their families. They are the number one fast food chain in America, despite closing on Sundays. When you go to the US, McDonald’s will be here. Chick-fil-A will be on the other side, you will see two lines on Chick-fil-A, McDonald has nobody on his queue and most of the time they are beside each other.

3) Sam Walton: He was an American businessman and the founder of Sam’s club and Walmart, which he built into the biggest retailer in the World, transforming the way America shopped and made himself one of the world richest men in the process.

Here is my point, each of these men discovered their purpose and remained in the place of their strength, no one is copying another person. ChurchGist. But each of them is known, go to the center of your strength, don’t try to do another man’s Job. Just imagine Messi trying to play Basketball, will it work? He has discovered his purpose and that is where he is shining. Now, for him to say there is money in Basketball, I will play basketball, you know where he will end. You’re trying to be like someone else that is why you’re frustrated.

The birds only fly, they don’t try to behave like animals. Stay where you are. This is my work, no temptation can make me play politics, I don’t have energy for it, there are pastors who can go, not me because I am not called for that.

When you meet politicians, even when they are lying, you’ll think they are telling you the truth. Because they are at the center of their life. For you to be a pastor and you’re saying God called you to be a politician, you will end up lying. You won’t know when you will lie on the pulpit, because politics goes with lies all over the world. If you don’t lie you won’t win the election. You will say vote for me. I will put AC on the road and people will get flattered, you have to talk sweetly to people. But you; you know don’t know how to talk, but you know how to counsel, stay where God called you to. Look at these three Businessmen, none of them is doing another person kind of business but each one excelled. Our problem is today you will hear computer and everybody will go in that line. ChurchGist. If it is fashion, everybody will run in that lane too, same as hairdressing, make over. Look at your strength. Do you want to prosper? Go for your own strength.

I will not preach another man’s message. I know my own message, when I am preaching you will not go until the service is over. Why? Because I know my strength, there is nothing that will make me want to be like another person. That is its own strength.

3) Increase your Capacity.

Jesus refers to Genesis 1 in Matthew, wealth is a product of man’s capacity to think. Matthew 25:24-28. God said Adam I give this garden, manage it. Jesus gave a parable of a man travelling to a far country he gave his servants 5, 3 and 1 talents respectively. He was referring to Genesis. He said trade with these talents till I return. ChurchGist. Adam could not manage the garden truly, so, your managing skill must be improved upon constantly. Many of us want more money and we have not increased our capacity. Have a mental picture of having three jugs, a large size, medium size and a small size, if you fill it and it is full and it pours. What will happen? Remember God does not like waste. So, he fills to the capacity you can carry. That is why he gave them different things because he has looked at their capacity. When you increase your capacity God fills it more.

A) you must be a multi-dimensional thinker.

😎 Go for personal development.

That is for you to develop yourself. I am not talking about just going to school, many have gone to school and they have not developed

C) Improve your skills

You can’t use a carpentry skill to do a world class furniture. Do you understand me? You can’t use a mechanic skill to manufacture a car. If I want to manufacture a car I have to improve my skills to be a manufacturer, I can’t use the skills of sandal to produce Louis Vuitton, you can’t use local skills to produce a designer’s cloth. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t use a 2 by 4 skills to get a 16 by 20 result.

D) Walk with the wise.

E) Be a problem solver.

Problems are opportunities in disguise, the problems you solve determines your reward. During the pandemic so many companies closed and shut down while some other companies busted into billions. They increased their capacity. ChurchGist. During the Pandemic, Salvation Ministries grew. In 1 month, we have 60,000 additional soil who did foundational class online. 1 month when the pandemic started. Because we increased our capacity

We knew what to do when churches were closed. You want more money; our income grew in the pandemic without anybody physically giving offerings in Church. We didn’t take offerings because there was no physical church. So, what did we do? We increased our capacity.
You want to be prosperous? Yet you’re still in the same place you were last year. Father, turn this shop into a supermarket and you’re using biro when people come to buy something. You see your problem. Your skill is still biro when the world has upgraded, nobody will come to your shop. Yet, you’re praying father, turn this shop into a supermarket and God is saying your skill cannot match a supermarket. They don’t pray for it; they just improve their skills.

Just imagine me using a bell, when I finish praying and I stay ringing in Jesus name I have prayed for millions of people all over the world. You will think I am a witch doctor. Every problem you solve will bring monetary reward. ChurchGist. The more problems you solve the more money you make. Don’t be looking for money, solve problems. Many have solved emotional problems, lawyers solve legal problems. The lawyer that testifies that they won a case in Appeal Court, don’t you know that they will pay him very well.

The bill for a magistrate court is not the same as an Appeal Court. If he goes to supreme court the money will increase. So, the more problems you solve the more money you get. As a lawyer if you’re paid 3,000. It is because of the case you’re handling. ChurchGist. Increase your Capacity, can you go to supreme court and you’re paid #30,000, is it your flight money. Christians stop praying and fasting I am telling you things to do to increase your financial capacity in the Kingdom. You have prayed and fasted; it is enough. Change your pattern.

4) Have faith (Fourth point on how to Connect to Kingdom wealth)

Matthew 6:20, many Christians are faithless; they can believe what God said, some people can doubt anything. They will say a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, who told you so? Proverbs 11:24. That has been the reason for your poverty. You can prosper without Faith. Luke 1:45. There is nothing God says to you that you believe that God will not perform.

Ecclesiastes 11:4. If you observe the economic climate, you will never give and if you don’t give you will remain poor. ChurchGist. So, you need faith to give, without Faith you can’t give. If I say things are not working then I can never give and if I can never give then I can never come out of poverty. So, I have to exercise faith, because without Faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:6. I must believe that God said seedtime and harvest time will not cease therefore I don’t doubt God, if God says so I will do it, I will commit his integrity to perform and as you commit his integrity today, God will perform in your life. Faith is standing on the integrity of God’s word. God wants us to trust him without doubting. Faith is doing what God says in his Word. Faith is obeying scriptures. That is what faith is.

If you’re struggling to obey you don’t have faith, we are looking for land here and we’re in plot 35 here and the Landlord said we should quit, he gave us two weeks quit notice and I knew the principle of Kingdom wealth that whatever is in your hand, if it cannot solve your problem then it is a seed. If you don’t like your harvest, always change your seed. ChurchGist. So, the landlord has asked us to leave just like those of you whose landlord has asked you to go and I said lord I know there is a way out.

In 1999 they were building the Faith Tabernacle. We had a little bit above 1 million naira in the account of the Church, that is what we have home and abroad and the landlord has told us to leave. ChurchGist. In the natural I should look for money, I took #600,000 from the money and sowed it into the Faith Tabernacle project and the heaven opened. Faith is evidential, you have not seen it but you know it will work. Hebrews 11:1. You’re not doubting the capability of God. You’re saying God I commit your integrity to perform what you’ve said not minding what I am seeing now. That is faith. Immediately we got our current location and we bought it. It is a long story.

My wife told me that I resemble my father (Bishop David Oyedepo) when you’re preaching you will say we will soon close and then 30 minutes after you still have plenty things to say. We just laughed over it. There are some things you don’t learn, they just become part of you, that is why you must be intentional about who to follow, if you follow a nonsense person you don’t know when you will start doing nonsense. No association will leave you neutral.

5) Be a giver

I don’t just mean giving, sacrificial giving is where I want to anchor on today. Giving has degrees and the highest form of giving is sacrificial giving. ChurchGist. It is what turns the captivity of a Christian not just giving. There was hardship and curse in men in Genesis 3 and in Genesis 8:20-22, Noah raised an altar for God. He averted the curse he placed on man by the sacrifice from Noah. I don’t care about the curse in your lineage, your family inclusive, your sacrifice today will turn that family around in the mighty name of Jesus.

Abraham entered into a transgenerational wealth after he waited for Isacc. Genesis 22:20-18, when Abraham was taking Isacc he said we are going to worship God, so giving is not giving away it is to worship, he said Isacc we are going to worship God. ChurchGist. Isacc did not struggle, you know why? Isacc has heard enough words to know that when God wants something you don’t struggle. If your wife or husband is struggling with you to give then you don’t know the truth. God who says swear not he swore. May God swear concerning you. The blessing you’re seeing is from Abraham. You know why most of us are poor, our forefathers are stingy, our grandfather was stingy, your father stingy, you are also your stingy and so the entire family is stingy, there is nothing to make God swear.

Please, come out if this stinginess oh. Say, I refuse to be stingy. Stinginess has nothing to do with how much you have, it is a lifestyle. I have seen people who are very rich and they are stingy to the core, Igbo people call it AKACHI.

Arab people can’t stand the Israelites. Do you know how powerful this prophecy is, the whole UN met and said Israel should leave the Palestinian land, it didn’t work, they gave a verdict, Israel said you’re wasting your time this is what God has told us. ChurchGist. That is how powerful prophecies are. Till today they possess the place, united nation could not do anything. You remember during Donald Trump; United Nation passed a resolution that Israel must leave the Palestinian land. The Israelites did not even answer them. What God has said concerning you nobody can avert it.

There is no nation you will call on earth that a Jew is not involved, when you say an American is rich, you will see that he is an American Jew. If you see any scientific discovery, you will notice that a Jew is part of the team. If you go to Russia and the UK, you will see Jew there. There is no Nation you will see outstanding results without a Jew. May God swear concerning you. This kind of offering is not offering o, it is called sacrificial offering.

A man called David 2nd Samuel 24:24-25, David dropped a sacrifice that cost him something. Sacrifice can avert plague. Listen, there was a time our son David was threatened with death face to face and I am anointed so you can’t pray more than me, I prayed every prayer death was staring at him you can see death coming. ChurchGist. I turned and God said lay a sacrifice now, on the spot I gave #50,000,000 my wife emptied all her foreign accounts and that was the end. You want to pray more than me, with all humility are you anointed more than me. There are things you don’t pray for, you just sacrifice.

I am not saying this to impress anybody, I am before God. I prayed for a man who is in politics, I won’t call his name, till today he didn’t know, they insulted me, somebody came and said you prayed for that man right? Let us see how he will win. ChurchGist. When I saw how fierce the battle was, I said if this man loses this election I will be out to shame. I said God not for his sake but for my sake and I laid a sacrifice, I have never asked for one naira from the man and I will not ask, I am rich. It was the sacrifice I laid that made him win without him knowing. The sacrifice was in millions not because of him but because of my name. I said Lord save him for my namesake. Your sacrifice today will bring deliverance to somebody in your family. When David placed that sacrifice the plague in Israel stopped.

That plague in your family, by the sacrifice of today, that plague will stop in the name of Jesus. If I was still holding to common #50 million, David wouldn’t have been alive. There are certain things that you have prayed enough God is only waiting for you to lay a sacrifice to end that plague. Everyone in your family is dying anyhow, you have prayed enough, don’t you know that it is a plague, you have prayed people are still dying. Stop and lay a sacrifice and that death will stop.

Today, whatever the plague is, it will come to an end in the name of Jesus. 2nd Samuel 24:25. That plague will stop. When Solomon laud sacrifice God gave him extra money. Sacrifice brings money but you just know the purpose. Psalm 126:1-6. If the seed is not precious it will not bring a glorious result. Abraham did not carry Ishmael, he carried Isacc. Left over is not a sacrifice. ChurchGist. Sacrifice must be something you value, something that you cherish that is what turns captivity

The Almighty Jehovah God lost you and I to Satan through sin. Did God pray, God did not say Satan take your hand away. God cannot break scriptures, when he gives a command, he obeys himself. God knew that there is no way he can get humanity back without sacrifice he didn’t give Angel Michael or Angel Gabriel he gave his only begotten son because what he wanted was sons. He wanted a human so he didn’t give an animal, he gave a human.

What do you want? Money. So, it is money you will give. The principle can’t change. The moment God brought Jesus. Satan said Hey you have broken my hand, you have done the thing that I can’t challenge, you have dropped Jesus then now man must be free. ChurchGist. If God did not give Jesus, Satan would have held us bound till today. Ephesians 5:1, John 3:16. John 10:17-18. A seed of nothing will create a season of nothing. Oh God you know my condition is bad. I also know that the bad condition will never change. Nothing leaves the heaven until something leaves the earth.

When you ask God for a harvest, he will ask you for a seed. ChurchGist. Without a seed there will be no harvest, where you have not planted how can you go to reap? I am telling you the principle of Kingdom wealth. Not turn captivity like sacrifice. A sacrifice is a see, bearing precious cost laid on the altar of God for a desired turn around and the sacrifice must cost you something.

Let me tell you my little story. We were in Bible School and one day Bishop Oyedepo came and said it is time for us to get the aircraft for mission work. 1196, he said God told him to get the aircraft for mission work, to move round Africa for the mission assignment, I was in Bible School and I had nothing, all I had was electronics, O said God you mean I will not be a part of this. ChurchGist. I heard a voice give your electronics, you know the two things a bachelor likes most is cars and electronics. If you want to know a good bachelor he will clean his car, you know why? That is where his future wife will enter. So, when she enters the car, she will say your car is fine. And he will laugh.

Check any bachelor their cars are never dirty when he is married, he can use the car anyhow. But when he is a bachelor, he will clean it. As I was reaching the gate I will never forget. ChurchGist. God said give me your electronics as I was reaching the gate in Iyana Ipaja God said you will never beg in ministry. That was my best, I didn’t have cash and the Heavens opened. I have never begged any mortal man since God called me and when we came here as a pastor, I had no car. Listen to my own, because I have told you about Abraham and Isacc I have to tell you about my own. I had no car. 1991, the first money I ever had as a pastor was #723,000 and Satan said go and buy v-boot #500,000 as at then padded v-boot was #500,000 I said I know the secret wealth, we were still trying to expand this Church then, it was not like this it was only pole then and I asked them how much will it cost they said #700,000.

I removed the #700,000 as a sacrifice. I used the remaining #20,000 to buy books. God said watch me and see, I didn’t buy a car. With all humility before God, I have given out between 54 and 56 cars in two months as a gift to people. I gave cars to a point where I didn’t know who to give it to. At a point I called a boy at the gate. Do you know how to drive? Carry this Audi and drive it out.

So, People will either remember you for the good things you do or the bad things you create. ChurchGist. Let me say this to all the Yahoo boys, you cannot be duping people every day, stop. Listen, I am a man of God. You kill people every day. When you perform your yahoo on somebody it is stealing, don’t paint it anyhow it is stealing, most people all their retirement benefits you take it away and people die. I curse it in the name of Jesus. Listen, stop. If you’re in this Church stop it is a demonic and satanic way of getting money.

No matter how you paint it, you’re a thief, I curse the root of it. Stop, that is not the kind of money we are talking about. Stop that nonsense. ChurchGist. Do you know how many people you have killed? Scam kills people. Some people, its the whole of their retirement benefits, you now scam them and say you’re buying cars, what nonsense, you will have an accident with that car, stop that nonsense you’re a child of God. Don’t take that money that is blood money. What kind of money is that? Stop it you’re a child of God, okay whichever way you paint it, you’re a thief.

What dignity does a thief have? All the people doing yahoo stop giving them chieftaincy titles. They are thieves. Why will you give a yahoo man a chieftaincy title? He is a thief, deal with them like an arm robber, when you see them tell them o boy stop posing you know that you’re a thief. ChurchGist. You stole from somebody. Ok, what do you call someone that stole from somebody? It is a thief. Yahoo is stealing. Stealing is stealing.

These days even church people are doing yahoo. It as become a norm, young boys will not work, they won’t do anything. They will just sit down and press their laptops and send you a message that you have just won some money and some of you too. How can somebody say you won a lot of money? They ask you to send your bank details and you send it too. ChurchGist. Are you okay in your head? You too, you like money, somebody said being your bank details we will pay you #800,000 what did you do? Anybody who falls victim to yahoo, you too, you love money.

Why will they say we will pay #2 million into your account and you now send your account details and they detail you? Please, yahoo must stop in Nigeria. What is the real name please? Stop calling it yahoo, yahoo is for mailing, it is called fraud, internet fraud must stop in Nigeria. Police, jail all those yahoo boys, arrest them. If you take a bribe from Yahoo boy, that policeman that money will kill you. That blood money that you take will kill you. Do you know why? They stole from somebody who died. You now collect the money and release him; you and your family will die with it. Police stop taking that kind of money.
Arrest them and jail them, that money is blood money, do you know the number of people that have died and been their victims. ChurchGist. Some people it is the whole of their pension. If you’re in this service, resign from internet fraud, even if you run away, the effect will still follow you, this prayer I prayed will follow you. Even if you go to another man of God, it will not work. The prayer I prayed is irreversible and irrevocable in the name of Jesus.


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