Yes you, wait.
Why did you believe them when they said strong people don’t cry?… Really?
You believe that crying is meant for weak people.
But I tell you one thing… Believers are so quick to see the promises of God and ignore the pathways.
Yes, we know how Jesus healed the sick…
We read how Jesus raised the dead…
Yes, we read how he multiplied bread and fishes…
Yet, we refuse to see that part “JESUS WEPT”
We refuse to see that part we’re “Jesus cried”
I know right now you might be blaming God for the frustrations you are going through…
But He is training you. Yes, He is building you.
Only if you know, that whom the father loves He chastise.
Yes, cry… You are not committing a crime.
Go through the pains, no one has attained great heights without it.
My father Apostle Jonathan will say… Tears is part of the curriculum in the school of the Spirit, if you don’t cry that means you skipped a class and you must go through it.
But your ability to cry, wipe your tears, declare God is good and move ahead.
Go through the hard times. Go through the pains.
It won’t kill you. It will break you but make you.
Greatness is attained by swimming through challenges that should make you drown.
God loves you and that’s why he is training you.
Hope Rebuilt

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