You’ll really need to read this through before you get the message well Uncles and Auntys😊.

Do you know that most times ehn, what we think is the problem is not actually the problem?

During a ceremony, a microphone was given to a woman to use for her presentation but unfortunately as she spoke into it, it did not work, immediately she returned it back to the engineer because she thought “The microphone has developed a fault already”,

And in the actual sense, it didn’t. The engineer did what she could have just done ALL by herself, “he switched it on”.

She concluded in her heart that, “she can’t solve the problem by herself until she gives the engineer”. Right there, it occurred to me that “The problem most times is not the problem”.

Your nagging wife is not really the problem here, you might just need to adjust and speak her love language. She’ll start functioning (behaving) well to you.

Your disobedient children are not the problem here, you just need to learn more about parenting and love them individually for who they are.
You’ll start seeing the difference In them the day you stop seeing them as the problem in your life.

Your boss really is not the problem now, it’s you who needs to adhere to every rules inasmuch as it’s not against God’s Principles.

Your unloving or uncaring husband as you may think in your heart is not really the problem now, it’s you who just needs to be submissive and you’ll be amazed at how he’ll lavish his love on you Wifey.

The list can go on and on…..

But the bottom line is this,

The more you keep seeing things or people as problems or impossible beings to relate with, you’ll find it difficult to make sacrifices for them or love them as much as possible….

But the day you decide to relate with all these people you see as difficult persons, you’ll begin to love them differently.

It all starts from your heart Aunty…. Are those problems really the problem or it’s you who needs to adjust?

Uncle, it just needs you to keep that pride and adjust for you to know that your wife isn’t the problem here, not even you.

You just need to be Intentional about your thinking as well.

This is where it all starts from…..

Are those problems you see as one, really the problem?

Or it’s you who need to switch on the microphone by yourself?

I pray that beyond the letters, your eyes of understanding will be opened as you dwell on this. Amen

Photo Credit: #GUC &Wife.


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