THE POWER OF UNITY By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)

THE POWER OF UNITY By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)


There is a force on earth that is greatly respected both by God and all that He made; it is the force of Unity. The result of the agreement among men on earth is unlimited. The power of unity made what seems impossible for one person to become more easier. There are great blessings in the unity of men and that is why the devil always fight a that family that lives in unity. You may consider yourself taking bath from a shower, a part of your body would not need to be worry of getting washed because if the water get to the head, it is going down to reach other parts connected to the body. Many people complain of not benefiting from an association, they lament how much they put in their efforts to an assembly but could not get a tangible result, one of the secret to activating bestowed blessing upon a land, person, firm, church and any other association is unity. Unity, not just in gathering and sharing different views, but in having concise and unified agreement on specific issues and objective. Jesus as anointed as He was during His earthly ministry cried in agony when the unity of the Trinity left Him on the cross and said ” father why have you forsaking me” the Spirit needed to return to Him in the sepulture to activate resurrections. Here is a deep teaching on the power of unity and how to develop unity among people you will be blessed listening.





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