THE POWER OF DECREES – Apostle Joshua Selman

THE POWER OF DECREES - Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman
Don’t just hear people make decrees and expect to be a beneficiary of their decrees. That you create your own possibilities out of your own decrees. It says in Job 22:28, thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be established, not unto the one that heard you decree it, no, unto you who made the decree.
Oh, I’m a husband and wife my husband will decree for me… The Bible says that there is a dimension of creation that depends on your own decree. I’m a member, my pastor is a faithful prayer warrior, he prays for me; there is a place for intercession but listen to me, when you want to make decrees and legislate spiritually, creating possibilities around your domain, you must learn the act of decrees in prayer.
Numbers 14:28, say unto them. As truly as I live saith the Lord, as he have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you. Not to your neighbor; to you who is speaking. And whatsoever Adam called it, that was the name. So when you make decrees in prayer: the Lord is my light and salvation, I Deedee and declare, my path is as a shinning light; don’t let anybody tell you that is just baby Christian talk, that’s how we reign in this kingdom! It says let the redeemed of the LORD say so. Don’t just think so, say so. This is a dimension of God’s kingdom that is activated through words.
You are perpetually under the mercies of situations and circumstances until you know how to make decrees. You step into your shop and you begin to make decrees. Did Revelation 5:10 not tell you that we have been made unto our God kings and priests. Believe the Bible in it’s simplicity. The power of decrees!
This is the day that the LORD has made; the Bible already told you who made the day so that you’ll know what to expect. Verify the character of the one who made the day to give you an assurance of how the day should look like. The Bible didn’t say God and Satan made the day, Satan also waited for God to make the day to be part of it. This is the day! That is my revelation, that’s what I believe. This is the day that the LORD exclusively made; I expect the signature of His love, I expect the signature of His wisdom. He said I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the LORD. They are thought of peace to give you an expected end.
The power of Decrees!

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