Apostle Joshua Selman is one of his Koinonia Messages “THIS GRACE CALLED FAVOUR,” in Abuja, told a story he heard about two men who were law practitioners.

The first man was a senior advocate. He was a senior, successful, influential, and wealthy legal practitioner in the country, and there was also the second man who was a young, sincere, and smart lawyer who had tried to set up his law firm but had failed repeatedly.

He was frustrated and went to God in prayer and said, “Lord, change my life, things have to change.” Every time this young lawyer saw this senior advocate from afar, he would see some of these top clients and institutions, running towards the senior advocate to get his help with all kinds of legal services.

These people would offer to pay millions and millions of money as they talked to the senior advocate who decided if he wanted to help them or not. This made the young lawyer feel life was so unfair as he was only looking for a fraction of the money the people were willing to offer to the senior advocate in exchange for his legal services.

When God wanted to help the gentleman, this is what He did. The young lawyer was at a conference one day where they were lots of businessmen billionaires, lawyers,¬† and other big captains of industries. The man, when he saw the senior advocate there, went to him and cried, saying, “Pease help me! please change my life!”

The senior advocate said he will help the young man and told him to follow him. The senior advocate came out to the open with the man as everyone watched them. Everyone was trying to recognize who the young lawyer was as this was their first time seeing him. They wondered who he was that the senior advocate was giving him his full attention.

The senior advocate began to talk to the young lawyer casually, asking him about his family, wife, etc. The young lawyer, displeased with the type of informal questions the senior advocate asked, replied by saying, “Sir, It’s your help I need. I have nothing.”

When they had talked for a while, the senior advocate took the young lawyer to his office and said to him “If you still fail after this, don’t come to my office again.”

The young man left the office dumbfounded as he wondered what had happened and felt frustrated that the man he had gone to for help, had done nothing to help his situation but talked to him which did not last long.

The young lawyer was about to look for a bike to go home when someone stopped him and said, “Sir, I saw you with the senior advocate. Please, we’ve been trying to get the senior advocate to negotiate a deal for us but our rate is too small for him, can we work with you instead?” And he mentioned a rate that was a breakthrough for the finances of that young lawyer.

He got grace from God and got some of his partners to work on the case and other cases. Within a year, he had established himself and decided to go back to the office of the senior advocate with a gift.

He knelt aid, “Thank you for Changing my life.” Then the senior advocate asked him, “Do you know what happened to you? That’s what I am interested in, keep your gift. You have to study what happened to you so that you’ll use it on others too.” Favoris when an individual invests his CREDIBILITY in you.

I would love to continue, but the words are much already. Read the story again and ask yourself: “Are the people I surround myself with, moving me closer to my purpose in life?” Who you walk and work with determines how far you would go on the journey of your destiny. Using the slogan of Liverpool football club, I say to you, “. . . NEVER WALK ALONE.” (Personal emphasis).

Don’t just walk alone, walk with the men of Destiny. Be intentional about your circle of association.

May the Spirit of Wisdom guide you.

©John Ogah
Writing Coach and Communication Expert.

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