THE 1902 REVIVAL IN Melbourne

THE 1902 REVIVAL IN Melbourne
When Reuben Archer Torrey the great preacher came to Melbourne in 1902 thousands of people were in prayer groups all over the city. The crowds were so great the Exhibition building was packed day after day. Currently locked down has put many preacher’s in hiding. It is time for us to rise in power as united in praying not just for our freedom but for an unprecedented move of God. It takes a man who is willing to submit to the Governorship of Heaven to bring the the coming Revival,
Oh God Do it again in our time, 100,000 souls were won.
In the time Charles Finney, he was known as a man who prayed down Revivals.
Oh God do it again .
May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'The 1902 Revival in Melbourne 100,000 SOULS SAVED DITAGN LORD!!!!!'
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