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  • Thu. Oct 28th, 2021



Before you receive from a grace, study it so you’ll able to maximize it.
In Eph 3. Paul speaks on the basis of his ability to communicate truths.
In this kingdom it is as far as your eye can see that will be given unto you!
A true Apostle grace is not ministerial but administrative.
Jeremiah 6:16
The steps for a believer is first to ask then he’s shown then he receives grace to walk in it, then he’ll find rest.
In this kingdom, the possibilities are as vast as God.
It is dangerous to teach from the frame of your limitation.
The God we see is more than our limitation
The old path is not the path of a denomination.
Spiritual patterns holds the key to the exploits of the saints.
There’s a pattern for administration salvation. [Rom10:9-10] anyone who subscribe not to this pattern is not save!
There’s a pattern responsible for renewal [Isa 40:31]
The Bible is a prophetic compendium of patterns, our possibilities is not defined by our love of God but our comprehension of the patterns made for the Bible.
Jesus is also the way; methodology of the kingdom.

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