– Apostle Joshua Selman.

Now I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, I know that there are many of us that God has helped but is that all?
Even in heaven, he said “come up hither and I will show you the version of you you have not to seen’’

Apostle but I’m rich. How rich? Let me tell you, you are only rich when any amount you give doesn’t affect you. If you have not gotten to that realm, you are not there yet.
You are not rich when you have comfort, you are not rich when you fly first class, you are not rich when you have a flourishing business.

When you can invest no matter what to turn a man’s life around and commit to the purposes of the kingdom and it has no effect on you, you have entered the wealthy place. Are you there?
Apostle but I’m anointed, to what degree? You prayed for fifty people, only two got healed.

Mark yourself what score is that? Listen, this conference is for people who are dissatisfied with where they are.
People who know that thank God for what you have done yesterday but Lord there has to be more. There has to be more.

Are we together?

Let me tell you this, I love a lot of people but you will never see me close to people who do not have a hunger for more.

Once I see a sign of complacency I love you but you will not see me near you again because not because I hate you, it will affect me.
There is a generation waiting for the other version of you and be selfless enough to pay the price to rise there.

This version of you has done so far but what of. Do you know, while you rise slowly people are dying who you should save?
Must your mother die before you learn the principles of increase?
The woman labored for you.

If you wait till you understand the laws of wealth for the next ten years why wait that far?
Is it that hard? You were told by mediocre it’s that hard but come to the technology of the spirit where there is exactitude. You can learn these things and know them.

Thank God for your Pastor. Be careful who you listen to.
Sincerity is not the only key for change, correctness of information is.
You can listen to a well-meaning person who is a victim of his reality. It is dangerous to turn experiences into doctrines.

If I buy my first car at forty-five, I can build a theology around my pain and lack of favor to mean if you are blessed at twenty-one is a lie.
I introduce to you God’s system where any man is no respecter of person. You can sit today and choose that by August my church, my business.

You can choose today that there are things I will wave goodbye to in this conference and they have to wave me back. That these Egyptians I see today I will see no more.
Is God speaking to us?
How long will it take before that anointing comes into your life?
You continue to see people cry every night. It’s called a global impact church, not a Lagos impact church.
You continue to see people there.

The last meeting they invited you, they sent you away as if it was a funeral, no one was healed, no one was blessed, every word of knowledge was wrong, the scriptures were wrong, you forgot what you studied.
C’mon, go and sit down. Get something of substance.

Don’t give excuses and say the people didn’t have faith. Have you ever seen doctors complain about patients?

There are even patients who are in ICU, why then are you a doctor. I’m not shouting at you, I hope you understand.
There has to be some way of shaking you. I love you too much to leave you the way you are.

I share your Pastor’s burden that a fire will come upon you that something will come upon you. You will go back and say “who is this uncircumcised philistine”.
They say have you forgotten about yesterday, you say “I’m not in yesterday.

The yesterday version was a defeated one.” And you say ‘’Goliath let me even tell you how you will fall first before I start.
The stone will hit you down, I will remove your head and give it to the birds.’’ And Goliath will reply and say ‘’am I a dog.’’

I hope you know that Ramesses who later became the Pharaoh was a half-brother of Moses. That was Moses’ position.

It was because Moses ran away so when Moses came to Ramesses, Ramesses said ‘’ahh bros, we know ourselves. We played together, we laughed together.’’ Moses said ‘’no, the Moses you played with changed in the burning bush.’’

The difference between yesterday Moses and the tomorrow Moses was a light bush.
The bush burnt and burnt everything.

Kai! I know I’m speaking to someone here that in the name that is above all names they may laugh at you and they may see you and think nothing good will come out of you but in the name of Jesus, I prophesy to you, you will receive an unction from the holy one that will turn your life around.

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