Jenna Torres – Just A Mountain

Jenna Torres – Just A Mountain


Country singer-songwriter Jenna Torres issues the second single, “Just A Mountain,” from her upcoming album, the followup to 2021’s critically-acclaimed All Heart. The uplifting single explores how we deal with seemingly insurmountable obstacles like heartbreak, depression, and hard times. Jenna’s message: keep going.

“Every mountain looks huge from the bottom, but it gets smaller as you reach the top,” she says. “I know how challenging life can be — I’ve had some really rough times myself. I’ve learned you can’t let bad things be the end of you. This cannot be your last job, last boyfriend, last hurt, your last breath. These are just mountains, and each mountain asks us to put one foot in front of the other and climb.”

“Just A Mountain” hits that sweet spot between being an intimately reflective ballad and a rousing, you-can-do-it anthem. It features Jenna’s dynamically expressive vocals which span comforting soft tones to soaring emotionality. The track also boasts country fixings such as lyrical mandolin melodies, back-porch acoustic guitar, and delicate layers of rousing ethereal ambience.






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