– Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

The value of light is in its commitment to walking in it. The light we are not walking in adds no value to our lives.
Prayer: Lord, show me again Your light and grant me the grace to walk in it. I don’t want Your light wasted anymore in my life. Grant me access to Your light this morning and grant me the grace required to walk in it. I don’t want to receive Your grace in vain anymore. In Jesus’s precious name we have prayed.
Luke 21:38
-Everyone today shall hear from Heaven.
-What you hear will add value to Your life in the name of Jesus. No one shall be left out this morning, in Jesus’s precious name. Amen

Everybody has time for whatever he loves. The drunkards have never looked for time to get to their drinking joints. Church Gist. No matter how busy their schedule (is), their joint is pivotal to them.
Quite several young men might be out this morning, right now while you are here, they are just busy with hard drugs; early morning: no job, probably against the burden, who knows!
He has a heart for drugs, the other one has a heart for alcohol. Everybody has time for whatever he loves. You can’t have a heart for God and not have time for him.

David, a man after God’s own heart, prayed 3 times a day and 7 times, he offered praise unto God – Psalm 55:17; Psalm 119:164
Then he got to a point and said, “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth; I will also speak of thy testimonies before kings and I will not ashamed” – Psalm 34:1, Psalm 119:46
He had plenty of time for God. He also had plenty of heart for God. Church Gist. You can’t have a heart for God and not have time for Him.

We’ll look at the case of Daniel this morning. By divine design, he became a ruler in the land of Babylon and he maintained a 3-time of prayer per day: 3 times of prayers per day.
Very busy office: Yes
Very demanding office: Yes
He was such a servant of God that the King knew this was a servant of the living God.
Daniel 6:10
After Daniel knew that his death warrant had been signed, he went into his house.
That is daily schedule: standing 3 times before the Lord; praying and giving thanks that they had signed his death warrant as he did aforetime.
He had time for God because he had a heart for God. You can’t have a heart for God and not have time for Him. You can’t have a heart for God and be ashamed of Him.

Let’s go prove where our heart is by giving God His place in our time budget. Give God His rightful place in your time budget. Church Gist. prayer is a private communication line so it doesn’t require an announcement. No one times how much time you are entitled to when you enter into your restroom. Everybody has his time.
8 hours at work, out of 24. If you are a factory worker, 10 hours perhaps. Then the 14 hours remaining, you can’t sleep for 14 hours for God’s sake. That will not be safe, that can be alarming. It can raise alarm in the neighborhood, that a man has been still for 14 hours.
Everybody has time. Each one’s time goes for what he loves.

If there is a prize, an award-winning program for telephone, many will win it in Nigeria.
How many hours do you stay on the telephone?
“Hello. Hello. I am the one now. Are you not hearing me? What is my name?”: All kinds!
People will always have time for where their heart is.
-My prayer is that this highly prophetic year will not be wasted in anyone’s life.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they knew not the time of their visitation. He wept.
Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they knew not the time of their visitation – Luke 19:44.
It’s a year of divine visitation for us. It is coming after the order of the year the Wonder Double visitation was delivered, in its commemorative realm, in its out-of-this-order type of breakthroughs, both in advancing the Kingdom and God advancing our lives in return.
-No one’s life here shall be wasted.
Say with me, “This is my year of divine visitation, I refuse to waste it. It is my year of divine visitation and I refuse to waste it.”

Your heart is your heart, you determine what to give it to.
Proverbs 23:26 – “My son, give me your heart”: It is not grace, it is a choice.
As each one as purposed in his heart, so let him give.
So your heart is your heart, you decide what to give it to. Decide today to let Jesus have your prime time and you will gain access to your prime place. Church Gist. Every believer determines the acts of God in his life.
“Whatever He tells you to do, do it”: Then He comes in there to confirm His Word. Do it! just do it. Don’t cram it, don’t just write it; do it.

“We have gone and we are back but there is still room”: He said, “go again.”
So we are on the go again year. Go again and compel them to come until my house is filled – Luke 14:22-23
-May no one here is tired of going, on the prayer altar and reaching out to the lost.
We are in our year of ‘Go Again’ and our year of change of stories.
Well done, thou good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in very few things, now have thou authority over 10 cities – Luke 19:17
Just changing their levels according to their levels of engagement.
You gave me one, I made 10 more: He said, “Go with all the 10 and have thou authority over 10 cities.” He didn’t collect it from him. He didn’t.

Everything given to God multiplies back in return.
You give God your time, He multiplies your time back to you: the things that used to take you 2 months, you get it done in 1 week.
He multiplies your time back to you.
You give Him your time: He multiplies His blessing in your life that you may not accomplish in 50 years. Some people here will say. Some 20 years.
Where your heart determinesere your life is heading.
Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, it hasn’t entered the heart of any man, what God has prepared for the one that has a heart for Him- 1 Corinthians 2:9
A heart for God is what results in great marks on the earth. Like marketers will say, “a trial will convince you.”

Let God have His place in your heart this year. Give God your heart this year.
Proverbs 23:26
It is in your hand to determine who you will give it to, but I am appealing to you, “give Me your heart, watch what I will do with your life.”
Give Me your heart and watch what I will do with your life. No one ever regrets giving God his heart.
-You will never lose out on being in love with God.
Romans 8:28 – All things, not some things, not most things but all things work together for good to them that love God and who are working according to His agenda in their lives.
-It is our year of great multiplications that will lead to the rise of great names in this Church.
It is our year of membership multiplication. We are not about just attendance; we are about membership establishment.
So when you engage with that, with all your heart, with your allotted time, don’t leave it free, “help me, Jesus, for a minimum of 15 minutes for a starter of prayer per day in advancing Your Kingdom; help me Jesus with 1 hour per day in advancing Your Kingdom” and look at your duties per day and slot out that time to be in God’s presence for the advancement of His Kingdom, not Your things.
Watch what He will begin to do with Your life.
You sow sparingly, you reap sparingly; you sow bountifully, you reap bountifully – 2 Corinthians 9:6
The choice is yours and the choice is mine to who to give your heart.

Everyone that had a heart for God in scriptures just outshines their peers.
Abraham had it all the way: every instruction. He allowed it to interrupt his schedule, “Obama, schedules canceled. God is saying something”
And he was old and stricken in age and God had blessed him in all things – Genesis 24:1
To be blessed to old age is a blessing. To be blessed to old age, without waiting for someone to give you food, is a blessing.
It didn’t stop there, he entered Heaven as a blessed Abraham. Jesus saw him on the throne, He saw Lazarus at his footstool – Luke 16:23
Jesus died on the cross to bring us under the blessing of Abraham – Galatians 3:14
What a blessing. Not just earthly: heavenly, eternally.
-Many will end there.
-Many of us will end there.
-We will end under a blessing that never ends. That will pass through all your generations and your generations will know that you were born because of the overflowing blessing of God that comes through a heart for God.
It shall be the most awesome year in each one’s life since we came to know Jesus, but you are the one to determine it.

“Lord, have my heart. I give it to You. You too me in the first instance, so I give it back to You. Remain in my thoughts day and night. Let Your affairs become my affairs. Let Your agenda become my personal  do that willingly this morning.”

One cannot have a heart for God without making enviable marks on the earth. You can’t have a heart for God without making enviable marks on the earth. You can’t have a heart for God and be stranded in life.
Ask God for grace to give Him all your heart so He can fulfill all His agenda in your life. In Jesus’ precious name we have prayed.
Let’s start from where we are. This coming Sunday, hold someone as your handbag to Church, in love.
Nothing sells without marketing it: God is doing something strange in our Church this Sunday, true or false? Come along.
It is always happening here. True or false? It is not propaganda, it’s the truth. He doesn’t know.
I will like you to be with me in Church this coming Sunday. I just believe God wants to do something new in your life; which He does every day. So you are marketing.
No matter the quality of a product, if you don’t market it, it won’t sell. So you have to market Jesus, market His acts in your Church, bring them on. You are serving His interest and it will show.
-You are serving His interest and it will show.
Look for one small boy, one small girl; nothing is small in God’s sight, “let the children come up to Me for theirs is the Kingdom of God.”
Be part of it.
Go around your Cells and say, “Hey, come and pray with us here. When we pray, things happen. You know Winners’, come here.”
You are marketing Jesus and His acts in our midst. Don’t leave it to chance. Lay hold of it.
Go show where your heart is between now, Saturday evening, into the Cells; between now, Sunday morning.
Give someone a gentle call: Tell him, “Something is happening in our Church this Sunday.” It is always happening there.
Amen. Jesus is Lord. Give God thanks. Thank You, Jesus, in Jesus’sprecious name we have prayed.

We have the WSF empowerment summit tomorrow (5th February 2022), the time is 7 am and that will substitute for the Covenant Hour of Prayer because we are having it only across the District lines. Please take note of that and be part of it for those who are concerned. All others, do some good time of prayer in your homes. Jesus is Lord.

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