-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 1 (Part 2)

You will never remain the same after today. Give him a shout of praise and you may be seated.

Well, I am going to take the last part of the message now. Don’t miss tomorrow, ask me why? Tomorrow I will tell you the greatest secret why I don’t struggle to manifest the Holy Spirit. You can pray all the prayers and not see my kind of result until you hear tomorrow’s message. Is it everybody that manifests? No. I will tell you the secret tomorrow because Jesus told us everything. Even if I tell you he will give me more, I am not frightened. Jesus told us what he did and then instructed us to do greater works, is he afraid, he is still Jesus. So even if I tell you the secret it does not make me not have more, if you miss tomorrow, you have missed something great.

Okay, I have known about the Holy Spirit, what is it that makes him work? I will tell you tomorrow because you can know him and he can put his glory on you and after a while, he can leave you. ChurchGist. So, you will find out what will make him not want to leave you. The Bible says grieve not the Holy Spirit, so you can grieve him.

Finally, how many people want help? Do you want help? Have you ever said: God help me? How many persons have prayed that prayer? God help me. The real helper is the Holy Spirit. So, I am going to tell you in this final session the Holy Spirit is our helper, this is the last part of this message. The Holy Spirit is our helper. ChurchGist. There are different types of helpers, we have the human helpers who may not be there when you need them but the Holy Spirit is always there for us, he’s from above and so he is superior to all other helpers. His help is supernatural which terminates any form of stagnation, confusion, and frustration in your life and today his help will terminate every frustration in your life.

It is time to connect with him and enjoy divine help in every area of life. John 14:16,17,26. The Holy Spirit is not on part-time he is forever. So, the Holy Spirit is 24 hours with you but you’re running around looking for people to help you, the Comforter is the Holy Spirit. ChurchGist. When was the last time you went to him for help? When men have challenged the first thing that occurs to us is who will I meet? Who will I go to? You pick up your phone to call a man. He is in you, with you and for you, yet you have not consulted him anytime and you’re speculating “If I meet this man, he will help me” the Bible says vain is the help of man. The Word comforter means helper.

Man can be helpless in different situations and circumstances of life but God can never be helpless and he is ever ready. 2nd Kings 6:26-27, you know why you need him? Everybody needs him, even the Government needs help, the Government of America needs help, Africa needs more help, everybody needs help, he is the only God who does not need help, the people you’re crying to, they also need help. ChurchGist. Ok, if you run to the Government, they are also borrowing from abroad, the ones they are borrowing from are also borrowing from somewhere, the borrowing is a borrowing cycle. So, everyone everywhere needs help, yet the children of God will never run to the one who does not transfer the case to another.

2nd Kings 6;26-27, there was too much hardship in the land he said help me. The King said if God can’t help you, forget it I can’t help you. Psalm 121:1-2, the Holy Spirit is the one that makes all the difference. How many want help? Say with me: Holy Spirit, help me. The next time you need help, the first person you should run to is who? The Holy Spirit.

This Church was not growing, you thought this Church just blew up out of nowhere. No, it was not growing, it was stunted in growth, and one day I got confused. I prayed all the prayers I could still the Church was not growing and all the things they taught in Bible School I applied them. ChurchGist. You know practical and theory are not the same, Chemistry practical and Chemistry theory are not the same. In elementary Biology you are taught that all living things move, in advanced Biology, we are told that not all living things move. They can tell you to pray the Church will grow, if you don’t encounter the Holy Ghost, you will be confused. So, the Church was not growing and I got tired. I have done midnight prayers, afternoon and morning prayers. There was a time when we had 10,000 first-timers and we could not keep 1,000.

I said something is wrong, I didn’t know that I was trying to do it in my power. I went to the Holy Spirit now help me before I die and in a very quiet voice, he said turn look at the Book on your bed and I turned, it was a book by Yonggi Cho and that book has been on my bed for almost three months, that you have a copy in your life does not mean that it will help you. He said read this book. He said this is the problem. As I read the book, he said now start the home cell, people are coming because they have nowhere to stay, no family. I was amazed, I said this is where I missed it, the moment we started home cell growth was stable, the Church began to grow.

That thing you are looking for, have you asked him any question? It is those who ask questions that get answers. When was the last time you asked him to help you? You find out that you have never asked him. Most times we even ask the wrong person. ChurchGist. God is a merciful God, when you say God help me, he says but I have kept the Holy Ghost with you, why are you still coming back to me? If I tell my PA, give this person money and the person still comes to me, are you stupid or intelligent? I said give this person #30,000 and you are coming to me for #30,000, are you stupid or intelligent? God said I have given you the Comforter, the Holy Ghost and you’re still going back to God for help, it’s his mercy that has kept many of us.

Jesus said I have sent you the helper but you are still running to Jesus for help. You’re crying saying Jesus help me and Jesus is saying I am in Heaven with my father, there is someone with you there, you don’t even know, 90 percent of us are running to the wrong person, in his mercy Jesus will answer you but the person we should be asking is the Holy Spirit. But many don’t know him and how will they ask who they don’t know. 90 percent of Christians don’t know the Holy Spirit, they still mix up the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father. ChurchGist. But on earth, too, the day is our helper.


If I have a phone and I have a sim card, If I don’t connect the sim to the phone will it work, you have to connect it and put it right. ChurchGist. So, how do I connect with the Holy Spirit for him to help me, that he is there does not mean that he will help you, one thing I have learned from him is that he will never do what you have not asked him to do. He is not a demon so he does not force himself, he can only do what you ask him to do. If you like to keep on singing alone if you don’t ask him to heal you, he won’t heal you. If you don’t ask him to show you what to do to get out of that problem, he won’t do it. It is what you tell him that’s what he will do, he is not a demon so he does not force himself on people, he respects your opinion.

1) Through Revelation of God’s Word. Not just the Word of God, the revelation of the Word of God. Ephesians 1:17-18, at the root of divine help, p is an insight into God’s Word. Insight provokes obedience and obedience connects you to divine help. ChurchGist. When you’re adequately enlightened by the Word of God you will be motivated to obey with ease. You can struggle with what he says, the Holy Ghost helps those who are enlightened.

I don’t struggle to give, you know why? I saw from God’s word that it is God that giveth me the power er to get wealth, so wealth is not from the country where you come from, it’s from God, but I saw from God’s Word that it works by covenant, now from that enlightenment from God’s Word, I don’t struggle to give to God, to my prophet and humanity. I have so much light. I don’t struggle to give to God, I don’t struggle to give to my prophet which I can’t tell you, you too you should have your pet, I have a prophet over me, you know my father. I don’t struggle to give my prophet, you don’t need to preach to me, the light I have is too much and I don’t struggle to give to humanity because I know that is the only way I can prosper. By light. If you’re struggling to give you have not encountered the Holy Ghost, he enlightens you, he just opens your eyes.

2) Through obedience. Obedience is the force that triggers the supernatural help of God, God’s help cannot reach you without obedience. To enjoy the help of the Holy Ghost you must obey divine instruction. ChurchGist. I will give scriptural examples of those who obeyed and they received divine help, they were helped the moment they obeyed.

A) The Widow of Zarephath. 1st Kings 16: 9-15, she obeyed the prophet. You know her story with Elijah and gave out her last meal and she was supernaturally preserved in famine. Today, no matter the hardship as you obey things will turn for you, she was helped by God because she obeys.

😎 Naaman. 2nd Kings 5:1-15. Naaman got healed when obeyed the Prophet Elisha when he bathed 7 times in river Jordan, his obedience helped him and he came out of leprosy.

C) Wedding at Cana of Galilee. John 2:1-11. They had no wine and Jesus said out the water and Mary preached the biggest sermon, whatever he tells you to do, do it. By that obedience, t, their shame in the wedding was turned into glory. ChurchGist. May your obedience turn things around, shout a better amen.

D) The blind men in John 9:1-9, the man that Jesus anointed his eyes, you know the story. I just said it here and Jesus told him to go and wash in the pool and the man obeyed and he came back seeing.

E) The Disciples of Jesus. John 21:5-6, Jesus saw them fishing and they caught no fish. ChurchGist. He said to them cast their net into the right side, the moment they obeyed their frustration ended. Someone’s frustration is ending.

Every time you’re asking God for a miracle expect instruction from the Holy Ghost. when you say God help me, he will give instruction. Most times we don’t pray for instruction we pray for God to do our part; the Holy Ghost will give you Instruction when you obey you get your distinction. ChurchGist. Anytime you say oh God help me, be ready for construction. He will give you an instruction, it is obeying that instruction that will deliver you from destruction and make you enjoy distinction.

Even in warfare, your victory is guaranteed by obedience. 2nd Corinthians 10: 3-6. Divine help demands obedience to divine instruction, whatever he tells you to do, do it and the help of the Holy Ghost will be available to make things happen. Say with me: The Holy Ghost is the master helper.

Do you know that divine insight requires the Holy Spirit who is the master helper? He is the one who helps us to understand the Scriptures, if you read the Bible without him, you won’t understand it. You will only read it like a literature textbook, he is the author. So, he is the only one that can make you understand the Bible. Listen, if they transcribe my tape does that make you the author? I am the author. The people who wrote the Bible are not the author, they only transcribed what was dictated to them. 2nd Timothy 3:16-17. He enlightens you concerning the principal truth of scriptures. Divine help requires your obedience and obedience requires insight and insight requires the Holy Spirit, he is the one that enlightens. So, the Holy Ghost is at the root of divine help. John 16:26, 2nd Corinthians 2:10, he searches all things, John 14:16. He abides with us forever. ChurchGist. Do you know that you can hear a preacher and doubt but you can hear the voice of the Holy Ghost and not respond? Do you know why many of you don’t obey? You have not heard him.

I was in Bible School when they taught me giving. Bishop Oyedepo, my mentor, taught us giving, that is the headquarters of prosperity, Oyedepo is the headquarters of prosperity and Kingdom wealth, then after him you know is me, he has the key to Kingdom wealth for his generation.No elephant will give birth to a cow. ChurchGist. Check the lineage, everything Adeboye has, you will see Oyedepo replicate it and everything Oyedepo has you will see me replicate them. We don’t believe in small things; we believe in big things. Don’t be a lion and be moving with monkeys, you won’t know when you will start jumping on trees.

I heard the preaching, that was the Voice of a preacher then one day in 1997, I heard the Voice of the Holy Ghost. ChurchGist. I was reading a Book by Gloria Copeland and Bishop Oyedepo’s Book “Causing Prosperity and Breaking Financial Hardship” and I heard the voice of the Holy Ghost, what I heard is not written in those Books, he said who is blessing you? I said he is Bishop Oyedepo, he said do you know you cannot prosper without a Prophet. Hebrews 7:7, after your tithes and offerings, honor him otherwise you will never prosper.

I called my wife. I told her I have gotten the secret of Kingdom wealth and I don’t need him to preach because I heard the Voice of the Holy Ghost. ChurchGist. The reason you are not obeying is that you are only hearing the voice of a preacher you have not heard the voice of the Holy Ghost, when you hear the voice of the Spirit of God, obedience is automatic. Do you know why? Psalms 29: 3-5, waters represent the Word of God, Ephesians 5:26.

Listen, we read the Bible without hearing his voice, you know why? We are not reading the Holy Ghost; can you hear a voice from a letter? Yes. Let a married woman get a text from her husband, another person can read that text and not laugh but she will hear the voice of the husband from the text. Have you ever gotten a message sent to you and you’re reading it at the same time you are laughing? Someone may ask, is this person crazy?

Why did you laugh? You heard the voice of the person, the person only texted you I love you but you can see Joy from the person’s voice. Somebody will ask if it is just “I love you” that is making you smile. But you heard the person’s voice from the text. Behind every letter in the Bible, there is a voice. ChurchGist. It is hearing that voice that makes you a star and that is the voice of the Holy Spirit. At that time you’re hearing the voice of the author, the Holy Ghost, you can’t hear that voice and remain the same. He will just help you because he will know what to do.

A person can preach to you and you will still disobey but you cant hear his voice and disobey and I pray today, you will hear his voice as I am speaking in the name of Jesus. Psalm 29:4. ChurchGist. The Holy Ghost amplifies the voice of God to us, he picks a scripture and amplifies it. Now, I have read Genesis 3 over and over. Then last week he amplified Genesis 3. As I was studying it, he told me why Satan had deceived Eve. Do you know the reason? He told me women love communication. The first thing the man met was work, but when he created the woman the first thing she met was a man. So, every woman likes to talk, check no matter how busy a woman is, she likes to talk to someone.

Adam was not there to converse with her; he was busy. So, Satan knew this, that she loves to talk, so he came to chat with her. He said since he is not available to talk with you, I am available. ChurchGist. That is why if a married man does not talk with his wife and anybody by privilege begins to talk with her, she will confide in that person because they love to talk. It is their nature, women like who talks to them, and if anybody talks to them, they will prefer to keep talking with them. No matter how busy you are man, pick your phone and tell her sweetheart, after a while ask her is everything alright? Because they love it more than your money. He amplified it and said if you don’t communicate with your wife, you are creating room for another person to communicate because nature aborts vacuum.

It is either you’re talking to her, the Devil has stepped up he will come through another person. Somebody will just ask her are you okay and she will say: my husband has not even asked me am I, okay, so somebody can ask me am I okay. She will reply I am okay and that is how it all begins. He then asks if everything is alright, she will be amazed that someone can ask her if she is alright, since my husband cannot ask me, she will keep talking to that person. ChurchGist. Mr. Man, tell the man around you: “Mr. Man, have time to communicate”.

Shout Halleluyah! Hope you know that women like communication, every woman likes communication, no matter how anointed they are, they like to talk and they like to hear, if you don’t talk, she will accuse you of not calling her since morning. Is it not true? Every woman no matter how old likes communication. ChurchGist. Meet your grandmother and ask her how you are, she will start blushing, she will then reply “oh my child so am I still fine” at 85 o, no woman in this world outgrows love. Tell your grandmother I love you; she will first pause and ask at this my old age you still love me. Please have time.

He is the one that helps us to study the Scriptures, he guides us into all truth. John 16:13, 1st John 2:20. He is the master helper. Say with me: I will connect to his help. Anytime you’re at the crossroad who should you go to first? The Holy Spirit. Don’t go to people first go to him.

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