-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 3

Before you take your seat, I want to say this to you; if your heart is not set for tonight, please go home, because if you don’t get a miracle today don’t blame God and don’t blame the devil, I know it as I know my name, if your heart is not settled for tonight, I permit you to go home, because it will be a waste to be in a meeting like this and not encounter something special, if you’re not set I permit you to go home. I tell you, the God who we serve will prove himself today, there are nights but today’s night is special.

It was one night Joseph’s destiny was turned around, it was one day Jabez’s destiny was turned around, it was one day Hannah prayed and her story ended. Each one of us has a day when you encounter something unique that you can’t forget and tonight is that night.

– They will look at you and they will call you a blessed person.
– There is no sickness that will not be healed.
– There is nobody oppressed that will not be free.
– There is no debt that you’re owing that God will not clear.
– There is no shame that you’re going through that will not be wiped off.
– That crawling ministry will have a turn in the name of Jesus.

In the city where we are transmitting from, the entire city is empty, you can drive from one end to another without encountering traffic. ChurchGist. Do you know where it came from? 1995/1996 when we were in Lagos and when we held a Breakthrough seminar, a crowd of people will come to Iyana Ipaja in Lagos.

I said what kind of Christianity is this, people will sit on top of the roof, I said God is this how Christianity is and I desired it, I said I like this kind of Christianity not the one you come to Church and is only one person or just your family alone. ChurchGist. The whole place was crowded and I desired it. One day something challenged me, one day some people were hosting a politician and the entire place was covered. I said for a sinner to command this crowd I said Jesus you must do this for Christian gathering, that is why when we cause traffic I don’t complain.

They covered the whole road for a politician who is not born again. That day I told God that if they could close down roads for a man and they were all drinking beer I said “Jesus, when we come for you cover everywhere’’ and God saw my heart, today the city as a whole is down, even the witch doctors are in the viewing centers. Listen, your shop after today will cause traffic. ChurchGist. Those things that concern you traffic will move in that direction. Pastors hear me, what you celebrate is what you are attracted to, anything you scorn will be far from you, I don’t know even if you’re a student, the place where you stay will become a center of attraction.

There is what we call an environment auction anywhere you are in the world, the auction of this meeting will drop on you, traffic will always be in your own direction. I have told you tonight is going to be prophetic. It is not going to be too much of preaching. I will be flowing as I am led but I tell you no one will remain the same.

Father over to you, glorify Jesus. Our services are being translated in French, Portuguese, Italian, Greece, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic. The world is on a standstill to hear God’s Word, you heard what happened in Alabama that was in the morning hour, it was evening here while it was morning there and God reached out to someone faraway there, he will reach you.

Father, I vow to give you every glory. Give him a big hand and you may be seated. We welcome everyone, we welcome you sir Archbishop John Praise you’re welcome sir. When this Church started, himself and Pastor Femi Emmanuel and few others were the one who used to be our guest speakers and it takes a large heart to still be identified with us. So, we don’t take it lightly you’re welcome sir, he is actually the Deputy President Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (National). You know if you don’t have a large heart, you won’t do things right, that is why when Pastor Femi Emmanuel comes you see me celebrating him. Because there is a way you will get results and you won’t want to identify with people again but for them to come it is a sign of high largeness of heart. If your heart is not large you won’t come, you will say for what? Why will I come? Sir, we don’t take it lightly thank you sir. He is from the north and there is a big difference in the north. He is from Kaduna State. Normal Christian from the north is equivalent to a strong Christian from the south.



Never use the word impossible, there is no impossible case with God. Matthew 19:26, Mark 9:23, Mark 10:27, Luke 18:27. Say with me: No impossible case with my father.

You heard that pastor when he said they told him that he never had a Liver transplant but God gave him a new liver.

– Whatever men has said is impossible in your life it will be made possible right now in the name of Jesus.

1st Peter 2:9, you cannot be God’s choice and your life will not be remarkable, God cannot choose you and you will be a loser, your life cannot remain in shambles, God has chosen you to live the best of life and command attention on the earth. You belong to God’s royal family. ChurchGist. In Britain they have the Royal family, they are well treated, they don’t live anyhow, they use the best of Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Bentley, now you belong to the royals of royalty, you belong to royalty, God’s own family. On Friday I am going to talk about “Anointing to reign” You belong to a royal family. Your royalty status will be restored right now. That is why he called you royal priesthood, God’s royal family. Royalty connotes dignity, eminence, greatness, majesty, honour and nobility. He said you’re a holy nation, meaning living a holy life should not be a struggle 1st Peter 1:15-16.

What is Glory?

Glory is the experiential fullness of God.

What does Reign mean?

Reign means to govern or exercise supremacy.

What do we mean by Glory Reign?

Glory Reign is manifesting the flawless nature of God, full benefit in your life, family, business, career and academics that makes you enjoy the beauty of God’s plan for your life.

– I stand to declare you will be restored to your place of Glory in the name of Jesus.

1st Peter 5:10 (THE PASSION): And then, after your brief suffering, the God of all loving grace, who has called you to share in his eternal glory in Christ will personally and powerfully restore you and make you stronger than ever. Yes, he will set you firmly in place and build you up.

– I decree whatever area you have been dejected, rejected and forsaken you will be restored back to dignity. Joel 2:25-27.
– This is the last day you will see shame in your life.
– You shall eat in plenty. Scarcity, lack and want has ended today.
– You shall eat in plenty.

If you come from an African community where children eat, they don’t eat based on ration, they eat based on the size of their stomach. If you ask him, are you okay, he is going to say no, that means put more, he will keep requesting for more, God said you will eat and be satisfied. Until you say you’re okay.

– From today in every area of your life, lack and want has ended.
– And my people shall never be ashamed, whatever in your life that is bringing you shame God will roll it away as I am speaking today.
– I don’t know what is trying to bring shame to you, is your landlord knocking on your door, in 24 hours there will be a miracle in the name of Jesus.
– Shame has ended in someone’s life today.

God ordained me with a mandate to establish his Kingdom on the earth and restoration is part of the cardinal part that will make you partake of the Kingdom package.

– You’re going to leave this meeting a blessed person.
– I pronounce every person under my voice/tape will be blessed in the name of Jesus.

What is Restoration?

Restoration is the act of reviving or renewing something to cause it to return to the former original state, without any flaw or fault, it is ensuring that something or someone is reestablished or reinstated to a due placement or position that was lost through ignorance, deprivation or manipulation of the devil and his agent and restoration is one thing that all people should desire How many persons desire it? If restoration is at work in your life. ChurchGist. People will see the manifestation of the Glory of God. After Lazarus was restored, he became a showpiece.

In John 11 they said by this time he stinketh, in John 12 the Bible says the city gathered to see him whom Jesus has raised from the dead, he was stinking in chapter 11, he became a center of attraction in chapter 12 before you came, they will look at you asking who are you? After this meeting they will gather to celebrate you. When celebration answers mockery ends, so desire celebration.

Isaiah 42:22, what God is waiting for is for a man who can say “Be Restored” that is what I am here for, so if a man can say be restored, God said he will do it and that is why I am here. Any area I say be restored and you say amen there will be a testimony in the name of Jesus.


1) Restoration of the Joy of Salvation.

It is the Joy of Salvation that makes Christianity colourful. Salvation is not just about being born again, no it is more than that, it encompasses every benefit redemption has to offer. ChurchGist. The Greek word is called Soteria, which means everything that Jesus died for. The prodigal son was not accepted; he became a full partaker of what the father owns, Luke 15:11-24, he gives beauty for ashes.

– From this day your rack days are over.
– Eating from hand to mouth has ended.
That Joy needs to be restored and the best time is now, because the whole world is going through gloominess. Because people are going through pains in the world, when the Joy of salvation is in place nothing moves you, material things don’t matter. They don’t determine your mood or state of mind, when the depressed receives the Joy of salvation depression is off, whatever is depressing you is leaving right now.

The prodigal son is the best example. He was depressed to the point that he said what am I doing? Why is my life like this, he was eating food meant for pigs. In the Bible nobody is as poor as the prodigal son, your case is not as bad as that. Luke 15:19, his father restored him back to dignity. Listen, his elder brother was very religious, some of us are like that. ChurchGist. He said I have been here and they didn’t give me a kid, his father was so rich and he was looking for a kid. Some people will say: “God if you can give me one room, I will be okay”, you are the prodigal son’s older brother.

The Prodigal son said I have come back oh, I don’t have money, the father said we shall kill a calf, make him merry, give him jewellery. So, wearing jewellery is not a sin. Jesus said they put a ring on him. All this one you’re not wearing earring is not in the Bible, if you don’t want to wear earrings it is not a sin too but don’t tell me it is because that is what God told you, God did not tell you that.so if it was a sin, Jesus won’t use ring, wearing gold is not a sin, if it is because of your poverty you don’t want to wear it no problem. But don’t tell me those that are wearing Gold are committing sin. It is a lie; it is not in the Bible. ChurchGist. Show me one part: that they worshipped idols, Jesus will not use sin to give illustration, he said the prodigal son wore a ring. So, if it is a sin why will he say that he wore a ring? In fact, people like us, we are prodigal children, we have rocked life over and over again before we came to Christ. God gave us the best. How many of you were prodigal? That is restoration of salvation.

Religious people are very funny when they say I want to pray for you to be Governor. They will say no, pray for my brother to become the Governor, what about you? They will say no. So, why will your brother be a Governor and you cannot, does he have two heads. Today is for restoration. Mark my word, I am a man of God, no sinner will climb the offices again. The time for the wicked to rule is over.

No wicked man will sit on any seat anymore. In the name of Jesus. It is time for the righteous to rule, men that will fear God, men that will take the Nation to where it should be, this is what will happen from now. A man that will take Nations to where they should be will be in position now. Shout amen if you’re a child of God. Proverbs 29:2, Psalms 52:12, when the Joy of salvation is in place things work well. ChurchGist. From today the Joy of salvation shall be restored to you in full. Psalm 52:10-12.

2) Restoration of time/lost years.

Restoration of time is very important in every man’s life, life is designed to be controlled by time. Ecclesiastes 3:1, when your time is restored, your benefits are reinstalled, it brings back your lost glory. By God’s grace I am a partaker of time restoration. I came into this Kingdom late as a full-grown man and I encountered restoration and time was compressed in my favour. You need restoration of time. Joel 2:25, the years that you have lost due to opportunity missed, due to denied placement, failures and manipulation of the devil and his agents and ignorance of God’s provision. There are some cases where you have lost all, but God said he will restore those years. ChurchGist. A time came in my life when it looked like all my mates were ahead of me and when God restored me, I overtook all.

– I am prophesying as a man sent by God, all the years that you have lost from this meeting you will recover all.

1st Kings 18:46. Ahab was ahead of him and the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah and he overtook him. If you don’t believe it, look at my life, people were far ahead of me, I became born again at 33 going to 34 and I said God if I get born again now then it means that I need speed. Because at my age some people have already achieved so much, I said God help me o, I entered at a very matured age. ChurchGist. I compressed my blessing and all the years I have lost were covered, my speed was unprecedented, I am not preaching it I am telling you what I have experienced 1st John 1:1.

– I don’t know if all your mates are married or they are in their husband’s houses. All your friends have cars but you’re looking at your life and nothing is happening, after this day all years you’ve lost will be compressed and you will gain speed in the name of Jesus.
– Before this year is over what you couldn’t get in 20 years you will get it in 3 months.

Supernatural speed that defers time will come upon. John 6, they were on the toiling, shaking, the wave was heavy, they were in that confusion and they saw Jesus coming on the sea. John 6:21. When Jesus entered the boat, immediately they landed, that means they did not sail to the shore, they found themselves at the shore, they bypassed all the rigours. ChurchGist. They were restored in a way that was supernatural. Sailing through to the land would have taken them maybe more time, Jesus overruled all the protocol.

– The time you’ve lost, the days that you couldn’t get anything, this year not next year you will recover all.
– God will give you speed, if you believe it, shout amen.

Say with me: “I believe in the power of restoration”. Okay if you don’t believe me look at Joseph, in 24 hours he moved from prison to the palace, that was supernatural speed, all barriers broken, all laws suspended. ChurchGist. Pharaoh did not ask him for his CV, he didn’t ask him where are you from, because he knew his father after he had made him a prime minister.

– After this day they will not ask you what your name is, they will announce your name before they ask for your CV.
– I am speaking to someone in the name of Jesus, that document that was delayed to be signed, they will sign it as I am talking.
– That approval on the table will be approved as I am talking.
– What belongs to you will be signed as I am talking in the name of Jesus.

3) Restoration of placement/position.

Life becomes frustrating when position, career or business placement is lost. So many have lost their position due to Coro, economic downturn and depression has led to lack, want and financial bankruptcy. Something happened. Today, whatever you have lost will be restored back. Genesis 40:13, talking about the butler, I don’t know where you are stacked, as I am speaking now you will be restored. ChurchGist. A small boy testified yesterday that his grandmother was sacked and the small said he could not go to school again and he prayed for restoration. God heard him and he restored his grandmother back and he resumed schooling.

A member of this Church who was a commissioner was announced on radio that he has been sacked two times, he came to me and I laughed and I showed him Genesis 49:13* I said read it, I said hi to the party they will announce your name back tomorrow that you have been called back, the two times it happened it was the same scripture I used, you don’t sack somebody and call them back in Nigeria. ChurchGist. But scripture cannot be broken. John 10:35.

– Everything you have lost, contract, businesses, offices, position that you have lost, they will be restored now in the name of Jesus.
– Jeremiah 27:22, today has ended every Babylonian journey in your life.
– It does not matter how long you have been in that position; your benefits will be restored to you as I am talking.
– For those who lost their jobs due to one mistake or the other I call for mercy, mercy will precede over judgement
– They will remember you now and call you back. Isaiah 61:7.
– Any area that you have seen shame, today a double blessing is coming upon you.

I was ministering on restoration in 5 Nights of Glory and a couple of which the husband was a principal and the wife was a staff of another place and the two of them were sacked separately and as I was ministering on restoration they called the man back the following day, they called the wife back in her own place, the husband and wife were both restored the same week.

I don’t know what you have lost, that position will be restored back to you. Hebrews 13:8, I was praying for a Governor I won’t call his name and the Governor lost a case in the High Court, lost the case in an Appeal Court and he was about to lose in the Supreme Court. ChurchGist. Somebody came to me and said pastor don’t pray for him because he will lose. I saw the man visibly shaking and I said they will restore you. Watch, even the case against you will be turned, he came for 5 Nights of Glory on a Friday I can’t forget and the case was to be judged on Tuesday, the case has been judged by Nigeria way, he was shaking, I said listen even if the case is against you, I command it to be reversed, you sit on that position. God honoured my word, even the man knew it was not money because he was in the opposition party and money was not there, no money to spend this was only God, in a very mysterious manner, in the eyes of all, if God could touch a man who is in politics, you know in politics you can do anything, is it you God won’t answer.

He believes I am a man of God, if you do anything for me, he will tell you that I am a man of God, it is who you believe that God will bless you through. He doesn’t joke with me, he will say Papa you’re a man of God, pray for me please. I won’t tell you his name, he is a very funny man.

– Now, I don’t know what somebody is trying to take from you. I command it to be restored back today.
– Even if it was against you, even if they bribed their way, I command the reverse back to you, in the name of Jesus. Say I won’t lose my place, I will get to my place in destiny in the name of Jesus.

4) Restoration of properties and money.

How many want their money to be restored? Do you know that some of you will have been far richer than where you are? Satan stole from your grandfather, stole from your father. ChurchGist. Bayelsa hear me today, you know why God sent me here, he knows that I know the history of this place, you know God sent Moses back to Pharaoh because he knew the magic of Pharaoh he said you have been in this house so you know how to deal with him.

God does not send people to a place by mistake. Men of God have prayed for Bayelsa, Bayelsa is a state in Nigeria, they don’t know the history of Bayelsa. One day I was sitting and God said I sent you here to help, I asked how? Check the Ijaw lineage. Nobody enters that phase twice, he began to tell me all their spiritual problems, he said nobody in Ijaw land ever stays in office twice. He began to call their names for me, Okilo, Agar George, military civilian, I sent you to break that curse.

I went to Bayelsa, it was Dickson who was the Governor of Bayelsa then, he was in power and the people didn’t even like him, but when God wants to do something, he just wants to prove a point. ChurchGist. We were holding a crusade and Dickson came, even when I announced that the Governor is here, people were murmuring, you know when people don’t like somebody they don’t hide and on that very altar I said for this reason I came the curse over Ijaw land is broken. Dickson was the first man from Ijaw town to rule the second time, not because it was Dickson but because a curse has been broken and the Ijaw people, some of them insult me, not all, many of them like me but some of them But, if you insult me, it does not remove my anointing.

I don’t know why I am going there. You heard my wife saying for your sake he has to help your family members too; it is not because of you because you cannot be under curse.
– If there is anyone connected to you who is going through anything unpleasant, I command them to be restored now.

There are people who for no just cause, they have been denied access to their property and money. If you look at Ijaw land you will know that something is wrong. They have the Oil but you can see poverty. If you go to Bayelsa you will be angry, in the city of wealth and there is nothing to show for it and that is not normal and God sent me for a purpose. There is no barrier, this Glory Reign the whole Bayelsa is dominated. I don’t know why God is remembering them.

Delta State also has the same issue, with all the Oil and there is nothing to show for it. I don’t know what Satan stole from your grandfather; in your own time all will be restored back to you.

– Someone under my voice, that oil they will give you from this meeting.
– They will sign that oil well and hand it over to you, in the name of Jesus.
– Uncircumcised people can’t own the Oil wells, I command it taken from their hand and given to someone here.

Isaiah 55:21-22, God is telling me something, he said Moses did not muscle, he spoke with his mouth, I don’t need to muscle he said say it and I will turn things around. ChurchGist. Men of God stop analysing issues, speak the Word. Talk like a man of God, command things to happen, stop discussing on television we are not politicians, stand on your pulpit and command things to happen and today, I decree things to turn. I command things to turn in the name of Jesus, they shall take their hands off in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 65:12.

– You will not labour for another person to eat.
– Whatever you labour for you will live to eat it.
– Your land, houses and property are for your benefits and not for the devil and his agents.

You can’t have oil in Bayelsa and no Bayelsa citizen can boast of any oil well. No! No! You cannot have oil in Rivers State and we cannot boast of 3 people who have oil wells in river state.

– That has ended now, a believer in this meeting will take over the economy.
– somebody saying amen will take over the economy.
– 2nd Kings 8:3,6. Everything that belongs to you will be restored to you.
– Nehemiah 5:11-12. I decree, every land and money belonging to you from generations past that the devil and his agent stole shall be restored in the name of Jesus.
– It will be restored to someone who is saying amen, In any part of the world in the name of Jesus.

Proverb 6:31. Whatever the devil has stolen from you, the minimum he will restore is seven folds, whatever property you have lost or was stolen will be restored today. It is God’s perfect will that your property be given back to you and today they will give it back to you.

Some of you have been building houses for 10 years yet non completed, the houses have been abandoned, No! I went to a man, this man drives to Church, his wife is a member and he was not a member and he drove with a motor, you know motor and car are not the same, with motor they will think that you’re shooting a gun. ChurchGist. That was the kind of vehicle he came with, when he is driving you will think they are shooting guns, it is not gun it is the exhaust. He came with a motor, so I followed him, he said Papa come and pray for me. When I got to the place, the house was still in construction far behind for 9 years, the whole block was greenish.

I asked what is this? He said sir, this foundation has been here for 9 years, with anger in me I cursed the forces and I said be loose and be free and I anointed the place and left. It didn’t take 3 months he was appointed as the Permanent Secretary, he busted into millions.

– Now hear me, that project you have abandoned, I command that evil hand stopping that project to take off his hands, go now and that project will gain speed. Zechariah 9:4.
– Whatever project you have started I decree it will be finished in the recorded time.
– Romans 9:28, say Quick work, I decree no more delay projects from today.
– Every project where you are involved will gain speed in the name of Jesus.
– Every delay is cancelled, eliminated and removed in the name of Jesus.
– God will give you a record speed.
– This day I rebuke every evil resisting the completion of that project in the name of Jesus.
– 2 Samuel 9:7, from this day all the things they took from your great grandfather, as I am talking now, they will restore all to you in the name of Jesus.
– Anything taken from anyone will be restored even now in the name of Jesus.
Genesis 42:45. If Joseph commanded and it was done, I am greater than Joseph as God elect, I stand in my capacity as a New Testament prophet to command the full restoration of any money that belongs to you that was taken from you. Taken legitimately or fraudulently, extorted from you by the devil and his agents I command them to be restored in the name of Jesus. Listen, God gave me a deep insight. ChurchGist. Do you know that if they want to give you a contract and then somebody comes in because of his demonic connection and they gave it to him, it was stolen? It was meant for you, but because of demonic activities they stole it. So, any day you call the file that man will go down and you will go up. Because the supernatural controls the natural, it was lost because there was a negative supernatural power that overtook you.

So, if a man of God that has understanding calls forth that man will have to go down for the wealth to come to you and today all the things, they stole that were supposed to be yours, I command them to be reversed and restored. Shout amen if you’re a believer.

While preparing for tonight’s program, I was bathing and God came to me. He said pray for those who are indebted, those who are owing heavily, he said minister to them because there is anointing for debt cancellation. You know some people are seriously owing. ChurchGist. A young man was owing till he died and I said lord this debt will they be able to pay in his death the bank cancelled the billions, even in death the prayers were answered, I said Lord there is no way they can pay these billions, cancel the debt. The younger brother came to inform us that all the billions had been written off by the bank. I said it is not because of you, it is because of your brother, because he was a giver, he looked at me and left.

Listen, I have a strange anointing for debt cancellation. A woman came, you know when a woman wears her shoe wrongly it is a serious matter, do you know what I mean? The husband was owing to his neck and the bank came to take everything they had. She ran to me and said if they take our house, we will be so naked. I said what is the problem, she said her husband took out a loan from the bank. I said turn to 2nd Kings 4:1-7, I asked her do you believe this scripture? She said yes. I commanded that the debt be cancelled and the husband should come out of it.

The husband left for Abuja, under Abdul Salam during the military regime, miraculously he stumbled into one of the biggest Oil contracts, the same man who had nothing to offer, he is one of the richest oil Miguel in Nigeria. ChurchGist. They gave him money in dollars, he cleared the debt and was swimming in money.

Another man came to meet my wife for counselling, I saw the man crying, I said how can a man like this be weeping? He said sir, he was weeping seriously. When a man cry know that it is a serious business, a woman can cry but when a man cries. This man was crying, he said sir if by 2 o’clock I don’t pay I will be locked. I signed an agreement with the station that I must pay this man by 2 o’clock. We were talking at 11am, I said open to 2nd Kings 4, I asked him do you believe this scripture he said yes. ChurchGist. Just in front of the gate here, I ministered to him, while he was at the gate his phone rang, come we have a Job for you, before 2 he got money and cleared his debt.

I have ministered on debt cancellation over and over again. You know why? I am not indebted, so I can give what I have, you know the anointing you carry you can easily transmit it, I am not owing anyone living or dead, not that I owed and I came out of it. I have never owed as a pastor. So, I have the anointing for God to cancel debt. In case you’re owing to your neck, God who told me to intervene on your behalf.

– I decree every debt you’re owing come out of it in the name of Jesus.
– That bank you’re owing that they want to take your property, after this meeting you will be out miraculously, shout amen if you believe in the name of Jesus.

2nd Kings 6:5-7. The sons of Elisha went to borrow axe from their enemies, have you not heard situations whereby your father has gone to borrow money from somebody who doesn’t like you people, and after they borrow, they said if you people cannot pay give us your kingship. ChurchGist. Some villages you will hear the stories that tomorrow they carry their kingship and give to their neighbours or they carry a parcel of land and give. Now, the mystery is this, the borrowed axe. Axe is an iron, a metal. Metal is not supposed to swim, it is supposed to go down and the man of God threw a stick in a water and the iron came out.

– Now, in the New Testament the stick is my mouth. I don’t know how deep you’re indebted; you are coming out today.
– I don’t know how deep the debt is, the interest is increasing every day, the interest is increasing, today I prophesy you are coming out of that debt, in the name of Jesus.
– That your house you used for mortgage God is bringing you out in the name of Jesus.
– That property you mortgage you are coming out in the name of Jesus.
– You will be out as I am talking now.
– All over the world someone is coming out of that debt in the name of Jesus.
– For those who are sick you will be healed now.

5) Restoration of life and health.

This time every sick person please set your heart; you will not need more than what I am about to preach now to be healed. Everyone saying I want my health to be restored, I want my life to be restored, set your heart right. ChurchGist. The presence of life is exemplified by growth and progress. Any attack on your life and health is targeted on your growth and progress, because Satan actually wants to stop your progress and advancement and so he attacks the person’s health. Because a sick man cannot do anything. The real thing in attacking is the progress that you’re making. But today everyone with any health challenge you will be healed in the name of Jesus.

Jesus demonstrated his resurrecting power by restoring dead situations. John 11:25-26, 40-44. Jesus never said I was the resurrection, he said I am the resurrection. ChurchGist. Resurrection is a person, it is not just an event. When Jesus walks in death must walk out, say with me: I believe and we are here to see his glory. Then they took away the stone from the place, you know why, he said take away your unbelief. Jesus can’t come down anymore, my voice is Jesus voice.

– Now everyone with terminal diseases be restored back In the name of Jesus.
– Anyone bound down with terminal cases be loose and set free in the name of Jesus.
– Be restored, I command your kidney to be restored.
– Your heart is restored.
– Your health is restored.
– Your body is restored in the name of Jesus.
– I command every part of your body to be restored.
God specialises in reversing that which is impossible to man. Luke 18:27.
– Today no case will be impossible.
– Doctors have told you it is impossible, today you will have a testimony.
– By the time you’re coming tomorrow the medical report will show that you don’t have it again.

Luke 7:11-15, I don’t know what they are about doing with you, telling you that this case is closed. You heard that pastor whose doctor said forget it, 75 per cent of your liver is gone, but Jesus restored him back.
– Today, every damaged organ will be restored.
– That your body part is healed.
– Your health will be restored.
– I am speaking with someone with cancer in the name of Jesus. Cancer will go and your body will be restored.
– I command the blind eyes to be restored.
– Deaf ears will be opened and you will be restored.
– Heart condition will be restored.
– Every disease will go and you will be restored.

Jeremiah 30;17, how many believe that God cannot lie? Do you know God cannot lie? Do you believe it? Sickness as to do with pain, even when God is speaking, they will focus on the pain but God can’t lie. Titus 1:2, I am going to stand on the integrity of God’s word and I am going to speak what I saw in that scripture and if you believe it, you will not leave here saying you are sick. ChurchGist. I am talking with authority, absolute confidence and audacity. Listen, Numbers 23:19, this is my best scripture, what did he say. Jeremiah 30:17. If a surgeon meets you and says I will do the surgery for you, will you believe him? God said he will restore health unto you and heal you of all your wounds (plural) that means broken legs, damaged organ, he will heal you of every wound, do you believe in the God that cannot lie.

Lift your right hand up and say father i believe you, you can’t lie, you said in Jeremiah 30:17, that you will restore health to me and heal me of all my wounds go ahead and pray. In Jesus name we have prayed, you may be seated, someone is healed right now. Jeremiah 33:6, God said he will cure you. Everything stressing your life is over. if God gives you health, then that is the end of sickness. Psalm 107:20.

– God’s Word is coming to you where you are.
– You are healed in the name of Jesus.
– You are made whole in the name of Jesus.
– Your body is made perfect in the name of Jesus.


1) Repent and turn away from sin.

The prodigal son repented and turned from his sinful way and he was restored. Luke 15:18. Until you return you cannot be restored, so you have to return back so that God can restore you.

2) Believe it is Possible.

Hebrews 11:6. Have faith that restoration is possible. Listen, in every Prophetic meeting there are some very funny people. There was a man in 2nd Kings 7:1, who Elisha said by this time tomorrow. ChurchGist. The man looked at Elisha and said you’re a bush man, there is Economic crisis and you’re telling me that by this time tomorrow, you’re a bush man. He knew too much; he was a Professor of Economics. So, he analysed the economic situation and he looked at Elisha and said what I know from the analysis of the economy, it’s impossible for that to happen. Elisha said you will see it and you will not eat it. The Bible says they trampled him to death. 1st Kings 7:2.

There are some people; you tell them God is saying something, they say leave all these jokers, these are gimmicks to make you get excited. We know the economy of the nation. I am privileged to be in the budget planning committee. it’s impossible for a Nigerian to buy a property, a pastor of millions of dollars from Nigeria, no except he is a thief.

Did we buy property in Alabama? No. Did God gave us? Yes. You don’t have to save money before God gives you things. It is what you believe God will give you. How he will do it is not your business. That property in Alabama is multi million dollars, if you’re to pay in Nigeria currency you will pay in billions, stop looking down on the Word of God, because some people are very funny. ChurchGist. They will say all these things that the pastor is saying, it is because he does not go to the market. You know he is on the pulpit so his mouth is running anyhow, does he know the situation of the market? Leave this man, that white suit he is wearing he didn’t buy it oh.

Funny kinds of people, you know why I am saying so? Most times they are in Church. I will tell you something why you people in Church need to be careful. A man was worshipping in this Church and I prayed for him to get his party’s ticket to be a Governor. I won’t call his name and another man was somewhere else and he came to me with his hot drink. He said Pastor, I know you don’t like me but I know you’re a man of God, please I want to be the Governor. ChurchGist. I said you and I are not close. He said it is your prayers I want. The man believed in my anointing, the one in the house did not believe my anointing, he was in the house but he did not believe in my anointing. I gave him an appointment for Wednesday to come for prayers, two times he refused to come. He was a member of the Church, he just felt like well, your prayer can’t work.

Then other man came down, he said pastor pray for me. So sometimes in meetings like this, the so-called believer may not get it. Some people have not been going to church all their lives and they just come to Glory Reign and they are blessed, but you see people who are in Church get too familiar with the Word of God. Calm down, it is God who put words in my mouth. ChurchGist. But if you believe today, everything I have said comes to pass speedily, everything I have declared comes to pass immediately, everything I have prophesied will be manifested now in the name of Jesus. Say with me my God will do it, please allow God to do it, it is not your business, just believe, how he will do it is not your business.

How many people have heard me saying that we would have property all over the world? Have you heard me say so? Did we save to get it? How he did it is not our business. I have been declaring it that we would get property all over, we will get more, I have been saying it. It is not your business how it will happen. Are you God? Believe him now, if God tells you to sit down, don’t ask questions. Try to sit, he will create the chair, even if there is no chair, he will a create chair. When he told Peter, go and cast the hook, Peter did not doubt. If it’s some of you, you will say excuse me Jesus, you did not put money inside a fish oh but Peter understood Jesus. Matthew 17:27, many of you will have said sir, I am educated, fish does not carry money and when you start doubting God, God will not act again. ChurchGist. Peter said I know who you are, I will not doubt anything you say even if you say fetch water with a basket, I will do it.

Fishermen don’t argue, you know why? They see many things. Do you know why Jesus took Peter, James and John? They were all fishermen; fishermen see a lot of things and they talk in a small way. He didn’t go with Matthew, because he was a tax collector. If he tells Matthew that kind of thing, Matthew will ask him if there is any profit there.

3) Maintain a Joyful heart.

Never be angry with God, maintain a merry heart. Joel 2:23-25, restoration can be easily triggered by a merry heart, believe that these things that we have declared will come to pass. ChurchGist. Don’t get angry with God, don’t say God for 5 years now and nothing has happened. No, Calm down. One day is too much, 2 hours is too much for God. A man in this Church was restored in a way that was very humbling. This man I went to pray for him. I have shared the testimony before, he happens to be an architect, he is listening to me where he is now, I believe he will be laughing. This man was an architect and things were so bad, he was among the first people to use Esclars in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and he went down that he could not stay in the center of the city that he had to pack to the waterfront and then he came his daughter had a problem, he was not a member of the Church then, a problem brought him to the Church. He came and he met me, we had to go and pray.

I was praying for him on the 31st of December on a Sunday. Please, believe God’s Word. The time I was praying for him was 2 pm. I told him that before this year is over, his story will change. He said pastor it is 31st and a Sunday. ChurchGist. Now, hear the humbling testimony. The moment I finished the prayers less than two hours his phone rang, it was from the government house, they asked him are you in town we just thought of you, we need an architect now and we said all of them must have traveled for Christmas but you will be around, come to government house now we have a job for you, it was a government of cash. They told him to execute a project and they threw the money into his boot right there. They told him to start it now. He came back and said pastor I will be visiting you every 31st. He immediately bought a Jeep, paid his tithe in millions, he said this thing is working oh. That was how his life turned around and has turned around till today. He is single-handedly building one of our churches.

– Listen, I don’t know what God has declared concerning you, not one will be delayed in the name of Jesus.

4) Desire and ask for it. Psalm 54:10, Matthew 7:7, you can trigger restoration by asking God in prayers, when you ask God, he will give it to you.


1) Shame is rolled away. Joel 2:25-27. When God restores you all the shame will be rolled away. Somebody’s shame is rolled away now.

2) You will be dignified. Look at the prodigal son, when the father restored him, he was dignified. Luke 15:22-23

3) It silences the enemy and mockers. When you’ve restored the enemies keep quiet. Those who are mocking you will say we thank God oh, God is with you. Psalm 126:1-2. When God turns it, you will see people, I know people who mocked me, when they see me now, they start showing thank God for you pastor. I just tell them to thank you, why will you not thank God for me. After today those who mock you will eat at your table.

4) You become a center of attraction. John 12:9. After this meeting, everybody will rally around you. Those who mocked you will come to you; you will become a center of attraction.

5) Your status will change. Luke 15:22-23. Are you blessed today?


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