How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022

How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022

How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022


If you’re an American citizen in Nigeria, and you want to move to Germany, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you can speak German fluently before you arrive. Unless you come from a German-speaking country, this will be very difficult to do. You should start learning now, no matter how old you are or how bad your accent will end up being when you leave Nigeria.

It’s better to start now and practice every day than it is to wait until 2022 and not have any clue where to begin!


How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022


Being thrust into a foreign country with different values, languages, and expectations can be an extremely difficult adjustment- one that is definitely worth the challenge, though. By overcoming the challenges and transitions of a move to another country, you will have plenty of exciting stories to share for the rest of your life.


For so many years, a wide range of foreigners including Nigerian citizens has gone to Germany for a wide range of reasons and Permanent residence, work, study, Business, vacation, and tourism.

Due to this, the ever-increasing demand for a step-by-step guide of obtaining a German visa is gradually on the rise.


Famous around the world as the fifth most attractive country to migrate to, Germany is well known for the availability of jobs, robust economic system, solid education, and other sources of attraction.

So, have you been considering the audacious adventure of moving to Germany?, Or do you prefer to stay here in Nigeria and leave your house, school, and job behind?. If the answer is yes, then you are reading the right article.


Let me emphasize that if you’re preparing to migrate to Germany from Nigeria, your process is outside the norm and even formal language study at Schwarwaltzer Kitsch or  how to politely speak German isn’t enough. If you intend to move to Germany, you must know their formal language, which is German.


This visa allows you to spend up to 90 days in Germany and the Schengen region, of which the period starts on the day you first enter Germany or any Schengen country.


There are twenty-six European states, twenty-five of which are in the Schengen Area. They are Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Norway, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, and Estonia.


You need to have a double or multiple-entry visa if you will leave and re-enter Germany while visiting. Otherwise, a Schengen type of visa is required.


How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022



All Nigerian passport holders must have a short-stay visa (a Schengen visa) to visit Germany or any of the Schengen Area countries.


Although a German visa is seen as an uncomplicated process, it is advisable to apply for it at least two months before your planned departure date to leave enough time for processing. German


It is equally important that you check your eligibility before starting the application process. If you start the application process for a type of visa, it would be a waste of time and money if you later discovered that you were not eligible.


For your German visa to be processed, it takes ten working days. This could be extended because you need to submit additional documents or information. Despite this, it is important to submit correct and complete documentation before the consulates change their minds.


It is important to note that the validity of your passport must exceed the duration of the visa by an additional six months or have at least two empty pages.


You will need to get a new international passport if your current one does not meet the above requirements, as it will delay obtaining your Schengen visa.


You should bear in mind the importance of getting a German visa, which this article will focus on. As the capital of Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany is one of the 26 countries that are in the Schengen Area. This facilitates a more frictionless environment in those countries.



Migrating From Nigeria To Germany in 2022



For Nigerians looking to move to Germany, it is also important to have a credible reason for their immigration. There are many visas available to you depending on your circumstances. Each visa will come with its own criteria to be fulfilled in order to obtain itto.

Among the many visa options available to foreigners who want to live in Germany, we explain the following option below:


The Schengen Visa


There are three types of visas, which vary depending on the applicant’s purpose for travel. They are single, double, or multiple entry visas for Schengen countries.


You can use it for


  • An unbroken stay of ninety days


  • Spend at least two weeks and not more than 90 days within 180 days.


  • This would make it possible to broaden the validity of the Schengen visa to 90 days within one, three, or five years in Germany.




If your country doesn’t have a visa exemption agreement with Germany, you will need to apply for a Schengen visa. Trips like business trips, visiting relatives, or holidays are examples of trips that require a Schengen visa.

Schengen Visa Cost


The price of a German Schengen visa, generally, is $70 (N25,370).

Cash, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted as forms of payment at the German consulate in Lagos.


NOTE: Naira values are prone to change based on the Euro/Naira exchange rate.


Long stay visa (National Visa)


Are you planning to stay in Germany for more than three months? As the name depicts

As the name depicts, the German national visa, which is the D visa, allows Nigerian visitors to apply for a permit of residency upon arrival in Germany.


Within three months of arriving in Germany, a Nigerian visitor needs to change their visa to a residency permit. The US typically requires this type of visa to be eligible to move to Germany as a legal resident.


It is necessary to know that you are only receiving a national visa in order to stay to visit Germany. If you want to convert it, you will have to change to the complementary national visa. For example, a relative permit may be converted to a work permit.



In most cases, the German national visa is given for the following purpose:


– To look for a job in Germany see HERE.


– to study see HERE.


– For scientific or academic fieldwork


– If you wish to join your family member or spouse in Germany.


– For medical issues or asylum.


Whether long-stay or short-stay visa, one inevitable requirement in filling the Germany visa application form is the purpose of your travel. You would be required to fill in the reason for your travel to Germany. These reasons should include:


Family Or Friends Visitation

How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022







If you have family members, a spouse, or friends who are legal residents in Germany and would like you to visit them, then your purposes for applying would be listed as visiting this family and/or for visiting friends.

As is always the case when applying for this type of visa, essential documents such as an invitation letter are required.

It is a duration of ninety days, as well as fifteen to ninety days to process depending on when you applied.


Tourist visa


This service is designed for those who are interested in summer school, on the verge of traveling for a seminar, looking to visit relatives,alativesin,, o want to visit for any number of reasons. A letter from your tour operators in Germany may be necessary for an application to be successful.


Here you can find the information on how to get a German tourist visa. To apply for the visa, please visit HERE.


The visa can be obtained for 90 days and you need to provide proof of round trip transportation toYou must fill get a visa. The application can take up to 10 working days to process.



How To Migrate To Germany From Nigeria In 2022


Medical Visa


Foreigners who come to Germany for medical treatment may need a medical visa. If you are traveling to Germany, be prepared to supply the usual travel documents, plus Tovalid proof of civil status such as a marriage certificate and travel insurance worth at least 30,000 euros.


If you’ll need to stay in Germany longer than 90 days for medical reasons, you’ll need to apply for a long-stay visa.


Other excellent reasons for getting a German visa are: to do business, study, or work as a film crew.

Transit Or Airport Visa


Since you are a Nigerian citizen, if your travel destination is another country but you will pass through Germany first, you will need an airport or transit visa. Fortunately, no extra documents are needed for this type of visa.

For your relatives must fill make sure you have time to submit this visa in time, be sure to submit it at least twenty days before you’re going to any of the Schengen areas.



General Requirements For Germany Visa 2022


  • Please download and fill out the visa application form entirely. It is important that you fillYout ou must fill theout   hard  copy you must fill in all of your details accurately and truthfully. It is perfectly acceptable to fill out the visa application online and print it out later in the To. You can find it here.


In order to complete the passport application, two passport-sized photographs of yourself taken against a light background are required. Click here for more information about your passport for the Germany visa application.


– A valid passport with at least two blank pages in it. It should be valid for at least  three months beyond the duration of your to


– A letter specifying the reason for your visit to Germany and listing the dates and flight numbers for your flights with your dates of entry when and how you will be traveling and confirmed hotel reservation.



– Travel health insurance confirmation of at least £30,000 within the whole Schengen area.


Proof of civil status, such as certificate of marriage, death certificate of spouse, and birth certificate of you and your children.


According to information provided by the European Commission, every foreign applicant (from Nigeria) applying for a German visa must be able to possession €45 per day for the duration of their stay in Germany.


Germany Visa Fees 2022


Special visa-related services, such as the legalization of documents, may result in increased visa fees. In addition, the European Union has granted many countries in Eastern Europe, like Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Montenegro, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, and Ukraine, a 35-euros reduced visa fee for both short and long stays.



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