HOW KINGS REIGN by Apostle Joshua Selman (October 23, 2022)

HOW KINGS REIGN by Apostle Joshua Selman (October 23, 2022)


Did you miss today’s Koinonia Abuja Service for October 23, 2022, titled HOW KINGS REIGN by Apostle Joshua Selman Find below some nuggets before downloading… As a Believer, your dominion principally depends on your mastery of speaking God’s words over your life. Every believer has the ability to create a climate of spiritual possibilities that changes negative situations in their favour. It is impossible to be a spiritual man without the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit. As a Believer, your words reveal many things, but they also program many possibilities. Words are the only vehicle that can carry convictions to your heart.
The Creative Power of Spoken Words: In God’s Kingdom, creation occurs at the instance of spoken words; As a believer, it is vital to understand that “words” are not only informative but also creative; A Believer who is also a creator sustains the ability to use words to create possibilities. Negative atmospheres and words intentionally permitted into your vicinity can influence your reality. The most superior use of words is for programming and the creation of possibilities.

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