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  • Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Intimate Worshippers face of the week

NAME: Ogundare Olayinka Davids


PHONE: 08158849730

EMAIL: [email protected]

Fb: Ykdavids Empire
Ig: Ykdavidslive
Twitter: Ykdavids

LIKES: Great things

EDUCATION: HND, Mass Communication

STATUS: Single

Intimate Worshippers Interview Session

IWMH: You are welcome sir, how was your day today sir?

OO: It was alright and yours?

IWMH: Mine was fine sir. Thanks

OO: Great.

IWMH: Let begin from your education sir.
Give us a brief educational background

OO: My primary schools: *Emmanuel Primary School, Ojota.*
*Bashua Military School, Somolu*

Secondary School: *Igbobi College Yaba*

Tertiary Institution: *The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

IWMH: Okay๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
How did you get to swift into music sir
As an occupation?

OO: Music for me is a talent. I have God to fully thank for that. Like everyone else, God made music a talent for me. But *passion* makes it an occupation for me.
My mother likes to sing too, I know I took after her๐Ÿ˜Š

IWMH: Wow.
How did u discover this talent sir?

OO: I noticed I started getting carried away by every good sounds/music from a very tender age. I got arrested by songs on radio, tv, cartoons soundtracks, movie sound tracks, choir presentations…and I started mimicking them. Unconsciously, I would be singing… forming songs with everything that came into my mouth. Lol.

IWMH: ๐Ÿค”Interesting
When did u stopped mimicking sir

OO: While growing…I did unconsciously.

Tell us about your life as a musician

OO: Okay. I started precisely in the church choir. The head of my church then instructed my parents to make me join the choir in the church based on what he saw in me. Reluctantly, I joined becauses I was shy and afraid to meet the choir members.
I joined. I began to learn in the choir. But I learned more joining other choirs, learning under Music Directors.

IWMH: ๐Ÿค”

OO: I fell in love totally with music when I discovered the power of music.
Music has great impact on my emotions

IWMH: And what was the power of music you discovered sir

OO: Music is life and God is life.

IWMH: ๐Ÿค”
Ever since you discovered your talent how did you made it happen?

OO: I started by learning and creating a niche for myself gradually.

IWMH: Okay
Did you have the privilege to learn any musical instruments?

OO: I wanted too when I was younger. The choir members were being sponsored to learn musical instruments but the people in charge said, my talent is to sing and they only want me to sing. So I was denied the opportunity. So, it’s been just feign idea on musical instruments, practically but can do well theoretically…lol.

IWMH: Smile
So for how long have you really settled down with music

OO: Since my time in the tertiary institution… gradually.
But fully after my time in school but you know you can only do music when you have the necessary resources. The resources are hard to come by hence the need for support. Lack of support actually hinders musical progress.

IWMH: Hmmm true sir
What Atmosphere really makes you flow in music, especially when you are in the spirit of drawing out melody

OO: A quiet environment where I can listen to my spirit…my inner-man for great tunes and impacting lyrics.
Also, an environment where we have spirit-filled instrumentalists setting divine sounds for inspirational compositions.

IWMH: Hmmm.
How do you know when the spirit is trying to give you a sound to the world๐Ÿค”

OO: That’s when God comes in. He does things in a beautiful and mysterious ways through His Spirit. He can speak to you through reading of the Bible, historical events, unfolding events, through meditations and all. The atmosphere would set and be designed in such a way I would know the spirit is at work again.

IWMH: ๐Ÿค” okay sir
How many songs have you released lately?

OO: four
*Celebrate the Comforter
*Comforter the Wonderful Gift
*Oba Ayeraye
*Open Door

IWMH: Okay sir
By what year did you drop your first single?

OO: year 2019

IWMH: okay sir
Who is your role model?

OO: I don’t really have one in particular because I don’t want to be anyone else, I want to be me but I’m cultivating good attributes from many real *good models* in the music world locally and internationally. I follow them and I learn from them.

IWMH: okay sir
Who do you like to feature among the top gospel musician?

OO: Whoa…that’s one of my dreams. So many! I know God will do it…He will make it happen. I would like to feature legends like Don Moen, CeCe Winans, Israel Houghton, Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, Tope Alabi, Frank Edwards, Shola Allyson, Mike Abdul, Johnny Drilled(Lol), Mercy Chinwo…I can go on and on so many because I love what they do.

IWMH: Hmmn okay sir
What are your aims as a gospel artist.

OO: Primarily, my aim is to honour and exalt God always. Others are to spread godly values, to instil right behaviours (morals) which helps in curbing social vices and increase kingdom-minded persons, to enrich life, to lend a hand in nation building, to add value to life, put smile on faces, help people find their purpose and to enjoy the greatness and faithfulness of God.

IWMH: Wow nice one sir
We have come to the end of the interview sir

OO: okay sir

IWMH: Its such a nice time with you here sir

OO: Yes with you too sir

IWMH: Bye Bye sir

OO: Bye

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