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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Intimate worshippers face of the week


NAME: George Oluwafemi Sunday

OCCUPATION: IT / SUPERVISOR at James Marsh and Associates

PHONE: 08071249581

EMAIL: [email protected]

SOCIAL MEDIA ID: Instagram @gosattahmeh
Facebook page @gospelsgeorge
YouTube @gosattahmeh
Tiktok @gosattahmeh
Twitter @gosattahmeh


EDUCATION: Studies Computer science at MAPOLY


IWMH: Once again you’re welcome sir.
In your occupation. Kindly give us the full meaning of the IT cus it might mean something else

GOS: Information Technologist

IWMH: Good……. Let’s start from here.. for how long have you been working as an information technologist sir?

GOS: For about a year now

IWMH: Hmmm…… Can you give us a brief description of you being an information technologist

GOS: Alright , what I do basically at my company is:

1. To manage all social media interfaces between the company and the public

2. And also to create awareness with whatever means possible for the company

IWMH: Wow….
How convenient is this to you?
Any challenges?

GOS: A lot………. Cos I love music and I still have to work and all

Today I had to shuffle between programs and all .. now am on my way somewhere else
The company has their targets that must be met .. and all
But it’s better to have a job even as a gospel artist

IWMH: Hmmmmmm……….. Exactly sir.
How do you manage to fix these up

GOS: I only attend night programs , only week ends ..

No weekday program for me !

All Rehearsal for myself and the crew are done once in two weeks
So I have time for my job in the week days

IWMH: Hmmm… It shows the level of what you are facing at your place of work…

GOS: And I also try to meet my targets during the job hours so that nothing extends to my personal time
With God we manage it

IWMH: Hmmm

GOS: I was at my producer’s place at magodo this morning for a 9am session

And also had to represent the company at an event later in the afternoon .. (I didn’t go) I sent my Collegue

I also had a program for 2:30-3 (you know it’s weekend) and it’s online .. so I could manage that ..I just plan ahead
That’s why , I don’t accept invites anyhow .. it has to be purposeful and at the right timing for me

IWMH: Hmmmm.

GOS: My song is completed , just mixing and mastering .. (next week)

IWMH: How do you know its the right timing sir?

GOS: I mean if it fits into a time I will be available –

Because God gave me the job and He won’t want me to loose it ..

I know I can do 9-5 on a job and still do music (at least for now )
IWMH: Hmmmm…….. Can you take us back to how the music set in?

GOS: Started in my sec school

IWMH: How many years back

GOS: That’s 2006 ss1 I think ; I started getting conscious of my voice
I and my friends will sing in class

IWMH: Hmmm

GOS: For fun then

IWMH: Smile.. composed songs or freestyle😂

GOS: The songs that were in vogue then ….. Anybody know styl plus then

IWMH: Interesting😊

GOS: They sang olufunmi……… And we will sing worship and praise songs on the assembly ground too
So as I grew up I joined the choir and the journey started

IWMH: Wow.. I’m enjoying dz
So when did you finally took it more serious?

GOS: Two years ago

IWMH: Wow… What challenges did you face as a young guy looking or pressing towards his dream

GOS: Wow……. That’s deep
The most challenge I faced was first to believe in Myself

IWMH: Hmmm🤔…….. Even after recognizing you had a voice.
How did you battled or worked on yourself to believe you can achieve this heart painted dream of yours sir?

GOS: I found a way to show the world what I could do, people discovered my talent and encouraged me to press on

IWMH Wow….

GOS: And I used social media to make somethings happen for me
IWMH: I believe this was the fire beneath your pot…… Hmmm🤔
GOS: I tried using a promoter when I first started … but he told me I don’t have a name yet and that he could do nothing .. that was 3years ago

Today we met last week and we were discussing on how to release a single
IWMH: Hmmmmm……… So without a name, no promotion🤦🏼‍♂️

GOS: The issue is that some promoters promote people that don’t have a name , but it has to be with big money

IWMH: And what was the outcome… In or out?

GOS: Of course he is happy to work with me , cos I have worked with myself over the years
I didn’t let his rejection stop my dream

GOS: Hmmmm……. Hallelujah💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

GOS: I pushed myself ……. Using social media as a tool
And keeping my circle small with only important people that I need

IWMH: As a young artist without a name what advice can you give unto such fellow assuming he has no big money to source for promotion

GOS: You have God and you have social media
Start branding yourself ; pray to God to bless you with a unique name ……. Make sure you are on most social media platforms available .. and use the right techniques to gather followers and people who believe in you and your music
With time you will grow
And people will notice you
Don’t expect commendations from people that are close to you

IWMH: Some of our audience who love to embark on the journey of music will definitely pen this Down

GOS: You biggest fan will be someone to don’t know .. and you biggest hater is someone you know

IWMH: Hmmmm. Wow… To all our audience.
This advice is coming from a man with an experience make sure you don’t lose this advice.

So, sir after working on oneself what is the next move?

GOS:Why I sent the house this is just to establish that sooner or later , compliments and encouragement will come

But don’t ever let it get to you
Let it even fuel you to be a better version of you everyday


GOS: As you are getting better , connect with people that make you feel good at what you do
And always challenge your self by mixing with people that will always make you be at your best
People you won’t want to make a mistake or do anything wrongly when they are Around

IWMH: Hmmm….. 🤔🤔🤔

GOS: Accept their chastening and work on yourself to be better

IWMH: Hmmmm

GOS: Please don’t ever forget the last statement of this that I sent —— DONT LET ENCOURAGEMENTS AND HAILINGS GET TO YOU

IWMH: Hmmm, Noted sir
From your journey so far, how many times have you been invited to perform on stage?

GOS: Wow .. I have lost count sir

IWMH: And how did you felt at your first stage ministration Wow…..

GOS: Controlling the crowd was the first problem for me .. I always wanted to make them dance or I always wanted them to feel the music
It was a big challenge

IWMH: Hmmmm😊😊

GOS: But I as grew up in the word and in music , I saw it was not about the dancing or the feeling or whatever , there was more to connecting with the crowd than I could ever imagine

IWMH: Hmmmm🤔🤔…….. Sir, how do you feel when you see ministers trying to do the crowd control and are not succeeding?

GOS: The real issue is … you don’t need to force it.. once you are filled with the Holy Spirit when ministering , things will work out well
I feel bad cos they don’t understand the concept yet
They forget that others can’t feel what they themselves have not felt

IWMH: Truth………. Intensive
Do you always try to correct them if you’re opportune to?

GOS: I correct my choristers in church , but if it’s someone I don’t know or met at a ministration, I don’t say anything to them

IWMH: Hmmmm….. But why sir

GOS: As you grow older, you see more , you talk less and become wiser ..

You might have a good heart, but the person might not and feel you are bossing or trying to lord over them or they may feel you are just trying to show off ..:
It’s been a while I have met someone not professional anymore …… I only meet people I am looking up to .. due to the kind of events I misinter at

IWMH: Wow!

GOS: Mikeabdul, sola Alyson , tope Alabi and some other upcoming but very great gospel musicians
So sometimes , I might even be the smallest in terms of fan base
But that doesn’t stop God from working

IWMH: Hmmmm

GOS: I attend other smaller programs too , but most of the gospel ministers are always very energetic and great
There is always something to learn

IWMH: How do you interact with them sir?

GOS: The first time sola Alyson commented on my Instagram page on a song i sang was the first time I chatted with her
And then the corona time
I contacted , bidemi olaoba , big Bolaji , Kenny kore , seyi Solagbade and a whole lot of celebs to make a one minute video of them saying “staySafe”

I then used one of my voicings as the background song ..

It went viral .. that’s was why I started communicating with some of them
Social media has made a lot of things easy
You can chat with anyone you want , and they will respond.. but at first you Have to be relevant

IWMH: That’s interesting

GOS: I actually got a repost of me singing on mikeadduls IG late this year
And it went viral

IWMH: So sir in total how many songs have you released Sir?

GOS: I have lots of demos and all … but MY OFFICIAL SINGLE WILL BE OUT NEXT WEEK .. (not for download yet though)

I couldn’t move without getting a conviction first .. that’s why it was delayed

IWMH: Wow that’s intriguing

IWMH: Hmmm…….. So Sir
Do you have any advise for the upcoming ministers?

GOS: We all are upcoming
Am also and upcoming

Believe in your self , find define your own path , learn from others but have a unique pattern that people can identify with ..

Don’t forget the giver of the gift and reverence him always

IWMH: Also Sir, how do you see the issue of mentorship in this mission?

GOS: Hmm……..This is quite deep
It’s great to mentor and groom … as Long as limits are set and purpose for mentoring are achieved
I mentor A LOT of people and happy to see them shine

IWMH: All glory to God……How do you react when your mentees misbehave in the public space?

GOS: Most of my mentees are in my choir , and those that are not are those I met online …

Since I have developed interest in trying to build them up and all , I just keep trying to shape them ..

It’s a process

And everyone makes mistakes

There is nothing they want to do , or no mistake they want to make that I have not made ..

So I’d just keep working on them , after all , I met and am mentoring them for a purpose

IWMH: Wow! That is wonderful
If you were to change one thing about our gospel music space in the world, what would that be sir?

GOS: The greed, pride and hatred amongst the made ministers … and also create an avenue for upcoming like us to grow

IWMH: Hmmm……..Thank you so much Sir for your time and for honouring our invitation.
God bless you sir.

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