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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Face of the Week

On our face for this week is a young man, of respect and value. A man who is selfless, one who does not look down on anyone, no matter the age or class, to those around him, they can Confirm His lifestyle of positive Influence, they know him to be a man who is always ready for the things of God, His leadership qualities is something most leaders should emulate. A man who will  always want to know what those after him are up too, Always ready to give advice, day in day out. Ladies and Gentlemen we present to the CEO of M D M Gbobal resources. Mr. Michael Dare Miracle.

NAME: Michael Dare Miracle

OCCUPATION: Freight Forwarder (and into importation)

Few thing people may not know…

Am a child of God that loves worshipping God. And love the gathering of the people of God. Am a business man, and like to explore more especially on my line of profession. God as helped us in having a small business empire named M D M Gbobal resources. We into freight forwarding, sales of vehicles ,trucks and logistics.

ADDRESS: 18, ajibade street ilasamaja lagos
Office Address  Tin can complex

PHONE: 07032292717,09094924216

EMAIL: [email protected], [email protected]

SOCIAL MEDIA ID: Fb: michael dare
Insta:Michael dare
Twitter: @miracle 72

LIKES: I like seeing new things Doing new things

EDUCATION: B S C in Economics from the university of Lagos

STATUS: single

How as it been. Having to blend your life as a leader in the House of God to your life as an individual sir?

It a good journey, and very insightful and tasking being a leader in this house of God.Because many time you will want to do something for your self and family but once you have an assignment in the house of the Lord you will have to leave your our work. And especially for anyone that Put God first. And it make me to be careful of the life one is living because all eye are on you.

Understand the fact that most young mind this days are beginning to have one thing in mind. And that being successful.
Sir. Well this is a good move. But do you think in one way or another it will affect our values of service in the house of God. And are we really doing it right?

I just pray God will help us. First of all a good Success can be achieved only Through God.my answer to this question is in the book of proverbs 3:5 -6 .and being a successful person doesn’t affect your service to God. Because by then you will want to maintain you success points and you many even want to do more,is then that you will know that i need to rend more service to God.

Hmm.  How many of us know this.  The other of the day is that am Busy?

Sir…. i just pray that God will have mercy .see that why am advocating that we youth must come back to our sence of reasoning that we are the end time general that destinies is in our hands. Christian youth anyway.

One last question sir…  At this point sir. What your advice to everyone who is also trying to balance things?

Thank you sir …..
Let me quickly let us here that let put God first i anything we want to God. What i believe is that what success you want is with him , just approach him he will give it to you double. And am happy to tell you that Nothing you are planning to become that we don’t have them already in the vineyard.


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