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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Intimate Worshippers Face of This Week

NAME: Olowookere Emmanuel Oluwakorede Oluwatobiloba

OCCUPATION: Graphics designer ICT Instructor, Musician,

PHONE: 07012128232

EMAIL: [email protected]

Fb: Olowookere Emmanuel
Ig: korede emmanuel_24

LIKES:singing, playing musical instruments, love art, travelling, learning new things, interacting with great minds.

EDUCATION: Finalist of Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka studying Fine & Applied Art

STATUS: single

Intimate worshippers interview session

IWMH: You are welcome sir, Can you please share with us your Salvation experience?

OE: Okay
My past was so very bad from childhood.
Even though I was born into a Christian and firebrand home, am the only son of my parents with two sisters,
So many time I made my parents cried over me due to my bad attitudes, behavior and character from stealing to influence of bad friends from secondary school etc…. I started having series of girl friends on the street, school etc….. Also going to parties also with opposite sex.
I was in all these mess before I got into higher institution… my going to parties, drinking, and doing other bad things my parents was never aware of it… But they knew I was still very bad (bad behaviors).
I also knew am a very bad child then…(smiles)
I was still going to church, working for God in various departments when I was doing all this things.
To cut the long story short…..
The Lord used a brother in my church…. After we finished a revival in our church he took me out and spoke to me about the fire of God and that started a new dimension in my life…
Your questions are welcome✌🏽

IWMH: Wow! This is massive So Sir
How did you end up with the call?

OE: Hmmmn
Every man on this Earth has a purpose to fulfill, okay. My parents saw this glory of what God has deposited in me from childhood, because I love singing, playing drums and always acting like pastors.. even though I don’t know what I was doing then…
But we thank God for Grace.
Like I said earlier on have been working for God in the music Dept and the likes when I was still dwelling in sin. I started playing drums, from drums to talking drum before I was arrested fully by God…. Am always telling people if they tell me today that I will hold the microphone to sing I will doubt it because that was not my aim and passion….
I was aiming to play drums and talking drum with people like tope alabi etc…. (Smiles)
But the day the brother called me in church, he initially called me to tell me about a program which I was the music director
Hmmmmmm this is Powerful. Okay..
The theme for that program was fresh fire. He said his trusting God in the life of the choir to bless the congregation mightly that day before the minister came up…. At first I was getting annoyed when he was talking to me but I noticed as he was talking about program he was also talking to me abt my life and my spiritual life…..
What helped me that day was that I surrended in my heart totally….
So I noticed there was spiritual sugerical operation that was going on in me.. I felt it as he was talking to me.
Chaiiiiii this God is merciful ooo, am telling you.
To cut the story short he told he will be happy to get a composed song from the choir Dept immiediately he prayed for me and we left….
While I was on the road going the Lord gave me the inspiration from above immiediately on the road it was so powerful and funny that I had to bring out my jotter and biro I was writing chaiiii🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I got home and I knew something came upon like a fresh mantle….
I started fasting and praying for days even when nobody told me to fast and pray..
I started seeing the hand of God in my life..

IWMH: This is getting hotter Kai……..

OE: We sang the song during the conference program and it was powerful…
After that another encounter with God started I was praying and fasting for days…..
It was during the encounter God told me about Immortal Praise Ministry..
At first I did not accept it… I proved stubborn gidigan…
He revealed himself so mightly in my life and ministry that even friends, family, relatives find it had to believe that Emmanuel is a changed man not to talk of having a music ministry..
But we bless the owner of the ministry
Though I was attacked various times from the kingdom darkness not only in the night even in the afternoon..
Also various temptations chaiiiiii
I bless God for my life😢
So at long side I was instructed by God to record that song and launch it to the world for his people to be bless..
I told my pastor, my pastor also confirmed it from God and we move on…
God made all provisions even though it wasn’t so easy we launched the album (da Ina tuntun) with different prayer, messages and thanksgiving songs in the album🙏🏽🙏🏽
So with the vision God gave is we started our yearly concert 2018 (Immortal invisible God)
To proclaim his majesty to the world and also being men to his kingdom through praise in worship

IWMH: This can only be God

OE: 🔥

IWMH: So in all Sir….
How many albums have you released?

OE: Just one sir

IWMH: Or should we say how many tracks have you released??

OE: One album in that album we have 4tracks

IWMH: Okay sir,
Sir, We have heard of the many challenges that face ministers. Would you like to share with us what kind of challenges you have and how you overcome them?

OE: Hmmmmmm
I will say few….
I could remember when we started going for ministrations without transport fees…. that even after ministration they will say thank you and give us zobo and snacks but we bless God I was a training ground for us
Also I could remember I had challenges with so of my team members that has almost made me send them away or leave them with their behaviors but I bless the owner of the ministry and my mentors..
Also when we started our yearly concert it’s was a challenge to me that how do we raise sponsor for the program financially I bless God for Grace and people that believe God in the ministry

IWMH: Interesting

OE: There are lot of challenges but all glory to God for his grace because those challenges keeps me growing…..And strengthen my faith

IWMH: What kind of behaviors sir?

OE: Hmmmmmm non challant attitude to the work of God….
Not having passion for what they are called for atimes….
Serious insult and false talks on the visioner……
Note: I bless God that these three things have mentioned the Lord has discpline them, and they have being brought up to a place of maturity in Christ🙏🏽🙏🏽
But one thing I dont do, I don’t force people to serve God if you want to leave the door is open.
Am happy because they are happy, they are happy because am happy…..

IWMH: Also Sir, you mentioned the subject of Mentors… How did you select your mentors?

OE: Hmmmmmm I have different mentors in different dimensions …..
I select them with prayers

IWMH: Okay sir,
But Sir, do you think mentoring is important or it’s not necessary?

OE: Mentoring is important, very important sir/ma
Like I said I pray before going to them to mentor me….
And be also we should always be sensitive while choosing our mentors spiritually or physically
Atimes there are somethings you don’t expect from your mentors but you see them doing nobody is perfect
That is the reason you put God first

IWMH: That’s wonderful
Moreover, we will like to know Sir.
What are the things that you as a minister of God help the youth of nowadays with that ignite and rekindle their fire for God?

OE: I need to get this question very well pls so as to produce adequate answer

IWMH: Okay Sir….
What are the things you do for the youths of these generation to help ignite and rekindle their fire for God

OE: Okay
One thing we should know is that no one is perfect….
I try as much as possible to pray for them first, advise them and make sure they fall in love with God by studying his word..
Make sure their firebranded for Christ anywhere they find themselves..

IWMH: Kai……
Okay sir,
What is that burden that you see in the fold of Christ that you feel should be corrected?

OE: We are lazy spiritually and we want to dig deep is not possible i feel there is a need for great revival in our generation even at this crucial time.

IWMH: And how do we do that sir?

OE: Through greater love with the father (God) so as to reveal greater things to us…
He said in his word (call upon me, I will answer and I will show you great and mighty things you do not know.

IWMH: hmmmn

OE: And another one is denomination…
(Division in unity)
Until we come to the understanding that is not about me being a baptist or Methodist or Anglican and the likes……….
We are all one body in Christ

IWMH: Hmmm….. But these Doctrinal issues are sometimes taught and instilled in the members

OE: Hmmmmmm
But not all members atimes and the truth should be said

IWMH: So Sir, do you have any word of advise for the coming generation ma?

OE: Love God, be a FIREBRAND Christian, and be skillful.

IWMH: When you mean skillful sir, what do you mean?

OE: Anything your hands find doing do it well
not bad things oooo pls😁😁😁
If you want to be a business woman or man in life. Acquire and know everything you need to know now..
Same thing to music ministers we understand in his word that David played skillfully that does not mean David was not Spiritual…
Keep learning, be creative, be humble, and keep moving.
That even in the next 10, 5 years you will be relevant in the market place 🙏🏽

IWMH: Before you go Sir I have one more question
Did you ever feel that you were needed to change?

OE: Pls break it in what aspect or ways

IWMH: Now before you gave your life to Christ…. Did you ever think of eternity Sir

OE: Yes I know oooo very well ooo

IWMH: Wow! And what were your thoughts?

OE: Hmmmmmm I was overwhelmed with sin even though I knew the way, the truth and the life but I was not ready to accept it

IWMH: That’s great
Thank you for your time Sir
We’re glad to have you

OE: Oluwaseun
Thank you so much for honouring God in my life…

IWMH: God bless you Sir


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