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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

When God does not speak my native language – Damjohn

When God does not speak my native language…


A man once said “Not all the battles I combat with understand English Language, therefore I have to switch to the language they speak which is my native language.” This is indeed hyperbolic!


A lot of minds have been centred on this unreal philosophy of praying in one’s native language to fight the spiritual war. Many will conclude that, what they face spiritually only understands their native language. While some has agreed that, praying in tongues is the only way one can easily conquer all battles because this is the only language God is ready to listen to. In other words, giving more preferences to praying in tongue over one’s native language has a great chance of winning all spiritual battles as the case maybe.

When one prays in one’s native language, it gives more understanding of the communication process as prayer is a communication process in disguise. In the recent time, there have been a lot of misconceptions about the theory of prayer. That is why one will practically observe the way people zealously pray against sudden death is quite different from the way they do while praising God.


Prayer should commonly and majorly be a communication process between man and God. When a man prays to God, he should be ready to hear form God. This makes the communication balances well. A major entity in any communication process is the code. The code is the language. A man from the Yoruba speaking town may find it difficult to communicate effectively with a man from the Ibo speaking town unless they both agree on an official code which could be either English Language or Pidgin.


To communicate effectively with God is to use the language one best understand. Our God is not a man that should only speak one language. Have you not read he created all languages? He therefore understands and can speak all languages. Prayer is not about spiritual warfare alone, stop the philosophical thinking of you have to pray in your native language because that is the only language the battles understand. Prayer is beyond that. If you would like to pray in your native language, it should be for your proper understanding and easy means of flowing.


To be continued on Thursday.


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