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Tuesday, September 28, 2021




Lamentations 3:27
[27]It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.

THE PRICE FOR DOMINION: yesterday we considered the price of diligence and the price of service as some of the laws that guarantee the dominion of men. I shared extensively with you yesterday the role of service in the dominion of men; how some doors to specific heights will not open until the gatekeeper (the custodian) of the door (grace) is acknowledged through your heart of humility in service.

One of the errors people commit in the body of Christ is that; most people who sow seeds, especially ministers who are desperately craving for the flow of the anointing; sow their seed to the “man” of God with the motive that after sowing the seed, that God will usher them into the same grace that is at work in the life of God’s servant that received the seed. Beloveth, glory in the kingdom, be it in the form of the anointing or in the appearance of any kind of grace are not patterned in this form. The grace of God/the anointing of the spirit of God upon a man, will only flow to another man when it is selflessly (pure motivelessly) served. By the design of God and by the pattern of things in the spirit, the spiritual heritage of a man can only flow to another man who has laboured for the ministry of the “man” selflessly and the service backed up with pure motive.

In the wisdom of God, divine treasures are hidden inside of men who had completely yielded themselves to the governance of the spirit; if your eyes are not open in the spirit to see and after seeing submit yourself in service with pure motive to the ministry of such man, and pay the price through the heart of undying service in all sincerity: you will die the death of a mere man who wander the earth but could not sustain dominion while he sojourned the path of destiny. I repeat again, service is a law that governs the seat of dominion in life.

Service is key from taking a precious gift from a man without even opening one’s mouth to request for the gift, once service is done with pure-heart, the mysteries that govern the transfer of such grace (gift) will automatically open up and lunch you into the fountains of the desired grace without even a request from the man who walks in the grace. I show you a mystery to rising in life today, learn to pay the price of service; though it will come with pain and it will take you through the eyes of the needle, all your pain is a testimony advocating for you before the very throne of God that a man must not be forgotten. It pays to serve than to be served! Let us pray!


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