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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Altar of prayer(part 6)



The focus of today’s series is to bring us the fortitude of the understanding about the deep secret surrounding an Altar and a man becoming a living monument unto the Lord God.

An Altar is a monument/platform that facilitate legal transactions between mortals and spirit beings. Altars are legal authorization that permit a spirit being to access the earth or a particular life. An Altar can be a person, a monument, a building or an institution. By altar, legal transactions between the earth realm and the spirit realm becomes a possibility. Before a continuous legal transactions can take place between an entity which is not from this earth and a man who is a product of the earth, an Altar must be erected. Altar becoming a legal authorization between the entity and the earth.

Genesis 28:11-19; speaks of Jacob’s experience at bethel, who saw the heavens open over him and a ladder facilitating the movement of the angelic in between the heaven and the earth and God seated above the ladder. The mystery behind Jacob’s experience was that before his birth, his grandfather Abraham has consecrated that place (Bethel) to be an Altar unto the Lord when he sojourned along bethel; Genesis 13vs1-4 and now a man sleeping upon an Altar without him knowing, this activating upon Jacob the Abrahamic covenant that God has made with his fathers; all this happened by the reason of a man sleeping upon an Altar without his awareness.


Altars are built when spiritual activities that can facilitate the possibility and the reality of a spirit being is continuously engaged either in a place like building or any form of monument like a physical altar erected unto a spirit. For example, men can become a living altar unto God, when our life become an expression of his worship and a sacrifice unto Yahweh; when continuous prayer and other spiritual activities relating to the kingdom continuously find expression in a life, such a life will be hallowed by God so as to become an Altar unto him; that transaction between God and man can become a reality when he is called upon.

By the aid of an Altar men come into deep transactions with the Immortals, your prayer altar facilitates your fellowship with God, the fellowship of every man with the father, son and the spirit begins from his prayer altar. The intensity of the fire that burns upon your prayer altar is the determinant of the soundness of your spiritual health. If you cannot sustain a continuous fire burning upon your prayer altar, you cannot bring God to your territory. If your altar is dead, simultaneously you are dead, if your prayer altar is cold, darkness in its full force will rule over your border. The prayer that makes the altar of a man burn unto God are not the prayers channelled by the carnality of a man, they are not prayers where we bombard God with unnecessary human requests, but such a prayer that awakes eternal fire burn upon the altar of a spiritual man are prayers completely driven by the Holy Ghost, prayer that is birth from the groaning of the spirit in complete tongues In the holy ghost. It is time to burst in tongues wherever you are!


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