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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Part 2: Why have I stopped studying the Bible – Damjohn

Why have I stopped studying the Bible?

Just like the popular saying, the best way to get a thief out of his bad ways is to act the same. The previous article has strategically done some corrections. Don’t miss out, locate and read the previous article on why have I stopped reading the Bible?
You probably might been wondered if you becoming a stranger to your Bible is actually a sin, wonder no more. It is not a sin but it is a way to sin.

Like you just have to believe, the first entity the thief takes rid of during operation is the light. The moment you stopped reading your Bible, you have unconsciously taken away the light to give room for the darkness. You do not need to be panic, the light can still be restored when you know why the light was interrupted.

2. Inability to start from the beginning: Everything has a beginning. The moment you failed to identify the beginning of an entity you may find it difficult to understand the nature of the entity.

No wonder a popular gospel artiste – Sola Allyson, once sang in one of her songs, saying “Eni o mo ibi ti mo ti nbo, ko le ro mi l’ejo ibi mo nre” meaning “He who does not know where I am coming from can never ask about my destination”.

You definitely can’t do without finding it difficult to understand the Bible if all you do is to read from anywhere. It is called Bible study, the beginning is very important to know. Have you for once meditated on the beginning? Why is the beginning like that? Have you ever seen a teacher taught a student the alphabet letters from Z to A? Never would you see. It must start from alphabet A.

Even Genesis 1:1 passed a significant message, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Maybe you have not seen it clearly, in the beginning God made a foundation of the creation. He started from the foundation to the finishing work. One reason you have suddenly become a stranger to your Bible is you have not started from the foundation.

Recheck, do you even have a solid foundation? The beginning is as important as the air is important to human existence.

The moment you have failed to acknowledge the importance of the beginning, you may definitely find it so difficult to continue.

Starting the Bible from the beginning gives light to your study. Even God could not create any other entity without first creating the light. Little wonder, Psalm 119:105 quoted that, your words are light unto my feet. Learn to create this light from beginning as God also created the light from the beginning.
It is never too late to create the light now!

To be continued on Friday.

I’m Damjohn the platform.
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