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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Apostle Joshua Selman – Spiritual Life-Changing Quotes

  1. God is a God of patterns, you don’t choose how to serve Him
  2. When it has to do with following God, creativity is not required, obedience is required
  3. You must be able to get the right motive if you want to excel in life
  4. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be famous and impactful, but the question is why?
  5. Sincerely, fame can kill. Success on its own is already loud, so if you are loud as a person, you are about to die
  6. Before you start praying and claiming fame, please die. It is the safest way to be alive
  7. People can bless you till you die. They can sow into your life and close your prayer life till you die
  8. Beyond every anointing you see today is not just about prayer life. Death is a covenant
  9. Until your motive is to exalt Him, you are not yet in ministry
  10. It takes more than sincerity to be effective in ministry. You must have correct understanding
  11. Giving with a willing heart is what brings harvest to whatever you give
  12. Understanding describes God’s formula for obtaining things
  13. The content of your information about God matters
  14. For you to be effective as a man of God, you need both oratory and utterance
  15. Your message must be spiritually accurate and life applicable as a man of God
  16. Stop teaching people wise sayings and start teaching them the Word of God
  17. Respect success, it comes by principles
  18. Human beings are not stupid. They will never stay where does not work
  19. The realm of the spirit is higher than intellect, but it needs intellect as a ladder to climb
  20. Spiritual empowerment is another key to efficiency in ministry
  21. If you only stop at intellect, you will only raise educated people, and not spiritual people
  22. If a territory is not paying attention to you, it is a message for you to upgrade

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