Alter is Real ooooooo!!!! – Apostle Johnson SULEMAN

Alter is Real ooooooo!!!!
Strong Foundational power inhibitors are Real, don’t allow anybody talk you into believing that Demonic and Foundational altars don’t exist.
I have sent my sons here to abroad
For Ministry and with a virgin passport they are given 2yrs visa.
There’s one of my pastors I need that him to go with me for international ministries,and I fixed his visas and everything he managed to fly to Abuja,to board a flight going to U.S he became paralyzed was jerking like he was going to Die,they called me and Said papa this Pastor is dying I laughed i Said No”
This are altars “Foundational forces that said he can’t travel.
Immediately the plane he was supposed to board departed he became well again Altars are Real o
One of my son’s he did his passport
But getting to the airport they checked the name in the passport it was another name he was crying Papa I confirmed my name when the passport was given to me how come they are seeing Another name in their system.
My personal experience,the first time I wanted to travel, printed my invitation letter many copies so that they won’t be stories, the white woman looked at my Name and ARRRRRCH!!!! No” suleman SUICIDE BOMBER🙆🙆🙆🙆, America is too skeptical about things no you can’t go and I was looking at myself like I wore the back of a shirt I was trying to explain to her But but but and he said Next”
The Lord said to me looking into Your family and I checked the place anybody ever travelled to in my family is MECCA” the only person that went to France in family which is my aunties was brought back Paralyzed.
God said to me address Altars that has vowed you can’t travel,and I fasted and for 21days went back, same White woman saw me and was smiling from afar.
I kept looking Back to see who she was smiling at she kept pointing at me You you,I came close what’s your purpose of traveling I said to preach she stamped it immediately.
With anger in my spirit I pray for you Every evil (foundational) Altar fighting your rising is Going down by 🔥,🔥🔥 in Jesus name.
Somebody Shout 🔥🔥🔥🔥
-Apostle Johnson SULEMAN.
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