About us

In past centuries, before the birth of Christ and we sure you know the story from that end.I well understanding of one of the greatest reason why God created humans, aside dominating and multiplying. a very important reason was for us to offer praise and worship to God, the one whom has created us from the dust. we understand that God can do all things for himself aside just one thing and that is praising Himself, to we human it not the right thing to do, also to God it is not the best as well. Intimate Worshipers took it up, from that End to build a musical record label where True and those who understand the call of God on there lives can do the one thing we love doing. Note: understanding that this brand is only of spiritual and well understanding of the things of God, anything aside this call will not be allowed and will be discarded . Intimate Worshipers are born to redirect the mind of new Generation minister to the feet of God and not the feet of man.