Pastor Bisi Adewale

Lots of Men are making mistakes in their Marriages, this is making life difficult for their wives and children. We need to examine this and tutor all Men to behave better.

Here, I will be exposing 8 Mistakes of Many Men in Marriage:

1) SLAVE-WIFE MENTALITY: It’s not funny to know that lots of men see women as a slave, servants, or something close to that. They believe women are good for nothing but sex, baby-making, house chores, and cooking. They operate with that kind of mentality with their wives. Many believe a wife should only be seen not heard, it’s really funny the way some men treat their wives.

Lots of African Men are fond of this, they put their extended family first, they even make their wives slaves for their extended family members. Some beat or even divorce their wives because of their siblings. This is wrong. It’s madness to allow your family members who are in their Marriage to destroy yours, it’s a high level of foolishness to allow your siblings to take over your marriage.

3) SPERM DONOR MENTALITY: Lots of men are more-or-less sperm donors in their marriages, apart from getting tingling their wives pregnant they have no other roles in Childbearing and rearing. Whenever babies cry, It’s very common to hear Nigerian men saying, come and carry your baby, don’t you hear your baby is crying?, most of the time only women attends Children parties in School, only mothers attend PTA meetings and many other events in School, Men thinks they are too busy to do that what a mistake?

4) CLASS TEACHER ATTITUDE: Lots of Men believes their wives have nothing to offer, they believe they are wiser, stronger, and better than their wives. So they develop a Class teacher mentality, whereby they are only ready to teach, lecture, and tutor their wives. To them, their wives should not advise them. This is very wrong, God planted your wife into your life to complete you, if you don’t listen to her you are missing a lot.

5) LIVE AND EAT ATTITUDE: This is another bad attitude of many men. They believe their duty at home is to eat, watch Television, and sleep. Anything in the management of the house does not concern them. They believe only women should cook, boil, clean the house watch the plates, fetch water bathe the Children, and dress them up, this is another very funny lifestyle of many men, they should please note that this is the 21st century and improve.

6) WIFE BATTERING: In some parts of Nigeria wife battering is seen as a norm, so many men are in this habit, some women were maimed or even killed in the process. I wonder what kind of Man will beat a woman he promised to love, care and cherished if not an animal-like man, wife battering is barbaric and should be condemned by all.

7) MEN-SEX MENTALITY: Lots of men also believe sex is for men, women should not enjoy it, so they approach their wives with horse rider mindset, they have no plan to make their wives enjoy sex but to do their thing, enjoy themselves, and go their way, this is very unwise and unkind to women.

😎 CAT MOUSE SEX ATTITUDE: With a Men-sex mentality most Men develop what is known as a Cat-Mouse attitude towards sex. They grab their Wives the way Cat does grab the mouse and begin to sleep with them, no romance, no foreplay, no good or kind words, no mind for the ladies they are sleeping with, it is very unfair.

Men should wake up to the reality of modern life and improve their relational ability at home, loving and be loving and caring thereby becoming better husbands and fathers.

You will not fail in marriage in Jesus name

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Heavenly Mandate

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