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-In loving memory of Benson Idahosa

It’s 21 years that the icon and ambassador of the gospel of Christ to the world, Benson Idahosa went to be with the Lord.

No man has ever challenged me unto practical Christianity than this man…

I have read about him from birth to death… Every book he ever wrote and the ones that were written about him has formed my Christian ideologies…

That’s why if you have not heard me talk about him, I can be sure to say that you have never heard me.

In my little life as a Christian, I have tried to practice everything I saw in my Bible, down to laying hands on the living and the dead because heard him and read him….

He continues to speak loudly even in death.

What many do not know is that he actually described in vivid terms
how he was to depart when his time was over and that was exactly what happened on the day he died at the ripe young age of 59 years and 6 months.

His last sermon was titled “Benefit of
Death”….he kept on shouting that day as I watched “For me to live is Christ, for me to die is gain” and he asked…. Are you afraid of gain? Why are you afraid of death???

That message was another evidence that as controversial as he might have
seemed, truly, Idahosa was a man of God.

He said too…
“I will go when my work is finished; therefore when I am gone nobody should be double-minded concerning the will of God for my death. I am going to go by the will of God, not the
will of witches or wizards. No man can kill me.

Many have tried to hurt me spiritually and physically to no avail.
God has not given the key of the vault in which he has hidden me to any man or devil.

He did not invest so much in me only to hand me over to the devil to fulfil his dark and unholy idiosyncrasies. I am indestructible by the grace of God,
so are you if you know my Jesus.

You know, here in Edo land, I do not know about you and where you come from, but here in Edo land, where I am from, when a man dies, the wife is
always accused of having killed him.

I share a beautiful life with my wife Margaret, at least as beautiful as my human nature and God’s grace in my life can make it. She is not dreaming of killing me-she is the flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones, the wife of my youth and the mother of my lovely four children. No, when I go it will be by
the will and call of God.

You may ask if I am preparing to die. Not at all. I hope to live for at least one hundred and twenty years. I look forward to when I will hobble into the church with my walking stick and
sit back on my big chair to listen and watch my children in the ministry show forth the stuff which God has invested in them through the ministry of God committed to me.

But, and this is the big But… if the Lord calls me before then, if He calls me NOW, I am ready to answer ‘’Here I am O Lord’’ with joy and expectation because death is gain. Yes, yes! Ha, I see heaven open and the voice that I hear says “Come up hither!’’

My going will be a Glorious one, I will NOT be sick and be taken from one hospital to the other. Like Elijah, whew! I will be gone before you can say Jack Robinson…

No. Nobody will mourn me with regret because of a prolonged illness. Nobody will have the pleasure of sympathising with me because of long suffering; that is one of the gifts which I
do not have: the gift of Lo-o-ong suffering!

When my day comes, I may be sitting with people in the Church and will go when I hear the call like Rev. Gordon
Lindsay did. It is a glorious way to depart. I MAY BE WITH

On Thursday, the 12th March, 1998, Idahosa started the day as busy as always. In his office he asked for a cup of tea which he did not drink up. He told one of his staff members;
‘’I am going home’’. This was not strange.

But when he repeated it unnecessarily, there was a reason to suspect the
unusual but no notice was taken of it.

Later that afternoon, at lunch with his guests, he spoke about heaven. He asked them whether they believed it was possible for one to walk to
heaven like Elijah did? He said he would prefer to be translated like Enoch and Elijah.

He told them he had a heavenly drink in his cup. He took the “pure heaven” juice on the table and drank from it, making a humorous statement about going to heaven.

The drink tasted like heaven’s drink he told his guests. His high sense of
humour was on parade.

On that day he had received “members of an educational foundation team from the U.S.-based Oral Roberts University”
at the Christian Faith University after ministering in church.

He excused himself to go to Miracle Centre, his Church office and prayed with different segments of people at the Church Office and including the Bible School students before he went
back to meet his guests at home.

It was a busy period at the headquarters of CGMII, the
Archbishop had just returned from one of his many tours, this time from the UK. Members of the Oral Robert University Educational Fellowship (OREF) were at the headquarters of
Word of Faith Group of Schools for the yearly OREF program.

They were led by Professor Don Petri, a friend of the Benson Idahosa University and a Professor of Christian Education at the Oral Robert University. Both he and all the American
participants at the conference were guests at the Archbishop’s home.

It was an early afternoon and Idahosa
and his guests were at the table. A characteristic humour of the Archbishop eliciting laughter and chatter punched with the lunch. It was a sumptuous meal and both local and international guests were satisfied.

Pure heaven was the name of the drink they all were drinking as he came… The caption started another round of conversation.

It was about heaven. Then suddenly, there was a hush as the Archbishop broke into the good natured conversation and asked. “how many of you are ready to go to heaven right

You see he continued; “all Christians talk about heaven and its beauty and desirability but not one is prepared to go there straight away”. I have news for you. I am prepared to go to heaven right now, anyone going with me?

Everyone was silent. The mood of the diners changed and they went to their

The Archbishop called for Professor Don Petri to join him in one of the mainly sitting rooms in the new Benson
Idahosa University.

He indicated those aspects of the master plan he had implemented and requested the professor to
continue from where he was ending.

Yet Professor Don Petri did not understand the meaning of the Archbishop’s words.

The Archbishop was the symbol of the university. It could not
have entered the mind of anybody that he would be translated a few minutes after.

Shortly after he had spoken instructing a deaconess on what the guests should eat for dinner, he began to repeat the
words ‘Thank you Jesus’ then suddenly threw his head back on the easy chair and gave up the ghost!!!

Professor Don Petri did not immediately understand until he saw the body slumping off the chair then Don Petri rushed at him calling
for help and laying him on the rug.

He tried all the resuscitation techniques that he knew but to no avail, they called for help from the Faith MediPlex but the doctors testified that from the moment he hissed that sigh of relief, he had clearly departed.

His going was an air of finality which
the doctors knew but could not admit.

He was not sick. He never had high blood pressure. He was never down. Even the doctors were surprised that he died because he was not sick
at all”.

precious death”. He once said days before!

Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the undisputed Prophet and Apostle of Christendom in the twentieth century went to be with the Lord in gloriously!

The mantles of men like this are resurfacing again!

If you are hungry enough and you are serious…
Let us pray!

Source: K.O Amadi

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    May 31, 2020 at 8:53 am

    Thank you ever so for you blog post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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When God does not speak my native language – Damjohn



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When God does not speak my native language…


A man once said “Not all the battles I combat with understand English Language, therefore I have to switch to the language they speak which is my native language.” This is indeed hyperbolic!


A lot of minds have been centred on this unreal philosophy of praying in one’s native language to fight the spiritual war. Many will conclude that, what they face spiritually only understands their native language. While some has agreed that, praying in tongues is the only way one can easily conquer all battles because this is the only language God is ready to listen to. In other words, giving more preferences to praying in tongue over one’s native language has a great chance of winning all spiritual battles as the case maybe.

When one prays in one’s native language, it gives more understanding of the communication process as prayer is a communication process in disguise. In the recent time, there have been a lot of misconceptions about the theory of prayer. That is why one will practically observe the way people zealously pray against sudden death is quite different from the way they do while praising God.


Prayer should commonly and majorly be a communication process between man and God. When a man prays to God, he should be ready to hear form God. This makes the communication balances well. A major entity in any communication process is the code. The code is the language. A man from the Yoruba speaking town may find it difficult to communicate effectively with a man from the Ibo speaking town unless they both agree on an official code which could be either English Language or Pidgin.


To communicate effectively with God is to use the language one best understand. Our God is not a man that should only speak one language. Have you not read he created all languages? He therefore understands and can speak all languages. Prayer is not about spiritual warfare alone, stop the philosophical thinking of you have to pray in your native language because that is the only language the battles understand. Prayer is beyond that. If you would like to pray in your native language, it should be for your proper understanding and easy means of flowing.


To be continued on Thursday.


I’m Damjohn The Platform


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Part 2: Why have I stopped studying the Bible – Damjohn



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Why have I stopped studying the Bible?

Just like the popular saying, the best way to get a thief out of his bad ways is to act the same. The previous article has strategically done some corrections. Don’t miss out, locate and read the previous article on why have I stopped reading the Bible?
You probably might been wondered if you becoming a stranger to your Bible is actually a sin, wonder no more. It is not a sin but it is a way to sin.

Like you just have to believe, the first entity the thief takes rid of during operation is the light. The moment you stopped reading your Bible, you have unconsciously taken away the light to give room for the darkness. You do not need to be panic, the light can still be restored when you know why the light was interrupted.

2. Inability to start from the beginning: Everything has a beginning. The moment you failed to identify the beginning of an entity you may find it difficult to understand the nature of the entity.

No wonder a popular gospel artiste – Sola Allyson, once sang in one of her songs, saying “Eni o mo ibi ti mo ti nbo, ko le ro mi l’ejo ibi mo nre” meaning “He who does not know where I am coming from can never ask about my destination”.

You definitely can’t do without finding it difficult to understand the Bible if all you do is to read from anywhere. It is called Bible study, the beginning is very important to know. Have you for once meditated on the beginning? Why is the beginning like that? Have you ever seen a teacher taught a student the alphabet letters from Z to A? Never would you see. It must start from alphabet A.

Even Genesis 1:1 passed a significant message, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Maybe you have not seen it clearly, in the beginning God made a foundation of the creation. He started from the foundation to the finishing work. One reason you have suddenly become a stranger to your Bible is you have not started from the foundation.

Recheck, do you even have a solid foundation? The beginning is as important as the air is important to human existence.

The moment you have failed to acknowledge the importance of the beginning, you may definitely find it so difficult to continue.

Starting the Bible from the beginning gives light to your study. Even God could not create any other entity without first creating the light. Little wonder, Psalm 119:105 quoted that, your words are light unto my feet. Learn to create this light from beginning as God also created the light from the beginning.
It is never too late to create the light now!

To be continued on Friday.

I’m Damjohn the platform.

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Why have I stopped studying the Bible? – Damjohn



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Why have I stopped studying the Bible?


Over the years, I have seen huge amount of opinions on my desk. Like the popular saying, “Everything happens for a reason”, maybe that is why a lot of minds who have stopped consulting their bible will never ceased giving reasons for their actions.

It is indeed deplorable to hear the story of Bro Nathaniel who was actively vibrant in disceting each part of the Bible, stopped all of a sudden with inexcusable reason like that of Bro Judas. Isn’t it pathetic? Even many new converts find it so boring to study the Bible. Part of the opinions for not studying the Bible I have received lately that stuck my heart are; ” I am always finding it so difficult to understand the language of the Bible”; “The Bible has stylishly become my sleeping doze whenever, I take to read, the agent of sleep will always patronise my eyes” and “Reading Bible takes ones to be calm and I am really calm to read it” among others.


Like one of the excuses says, “the language of the Bible is so complex to comprehend” This would have most acceptable only if the Bible has not been translated in different languages of the earth surface. Theoretical research has revealed that, “as of October 2019 the full Bible has been translated into 698 languages, the New Testament has been translated into an additional 1,548 languages and Bible portions or stories into 1,138 other languages”. If the full Bible has been translated into 698 languages, where do you generate your excuse of language complexity when you can always get different language versions that marry your understanding.

However, I put it straight to you that none of the above excuses and your excuses are solid enough to stop you reading the Bible. Then you go again, why am I not reading the Bible if my excuses are not solidified enough?


1. Undefined Purpose:

The purpose you failed to define will definitely be abuse. People tend to do things in a normal way when, they have fully come to the understanding of the reasons they must do it. Little wonder would you see a man stop stealing if he had not seen the reason to stop it. You are definitely a human being. Blood runs in your body vice versa water flows in your body.


You might have wondered why you have suddenly become a stranger to your Bible, then ask yourself to know the reasons for studying it. Many will find out they have no tangible reason to study the Bible. Why do you intend to study it? For bragging? For preaching? Because you are a Christian? Why must you study it? The moment you set a tangible reason to study the Bible, then you are back on the track.


If your intentions to study the Bible have nothing to do with the kingdom advancement, kindly recheck and reset! Have you not read that, the scriptures are profitable for doctrine? Then, what doctrine have you learnt from the bible so far? To be a part time student in the kingdom advancement class? To be a lukewarm Bible Scholar? Redefine the purpose of studying the Bible and reset your enthusiasm.


To be continued on Wednesday…

I’m Damjohn the platform.


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